Rylee's Timeline

  • My Birth date

    My Birth date
    I was born in December, 6th, 2000 and was taken away to live in Thunder Bay with a lovely pair of foster parents.
  • First Day of Grade 1

    First Day of Grade 1
    On the first day of school I became friends with Faith, whom i'm still friends with til this day. I also became friends with other students and my teacher was Mr. Turner.
  • First Time Biking on My Own

    First Time Biking on My Own
    During the summer of 2007, I learned how to ride a bike on my own. It was during a hot morning at Kakabeka Falls and I managed bike across a trail while my father stood back behind me.
  • Last Year at St. Johns

    Last Year at St. Johns
    Grade 3 was the last year I stayed at St. Johns becayuse it was going to close down. From there my friends and I and other students were transferred to Corpus Christi where we will be going there until we graduate 6th Grade
  • My Foster Dad Passing Away

    My Foster Dad Passing Away
    A little bit during Grade 5 my foster dad was diagnosed with Cancer and was given Leukimia. But sadly sometime during November e had passed away at 12:51.
  • Other Stuff

    Other Stuff
    Another thing that had impacted my life was that my foster mother couldn't take carre of herself so I was moved away and was going to be taken care of her daugthter-in-law who I often called my aunt.
  • Traveling to Florida Orlando

    Sometime during Grade 6, I traveled all the way to Minneapolis and stayed there for a few days with my Aunt and my bestfriend, and her dad which I find ironic considering my friends dad was dating my Aunt Anyway, we traveled all the way down to Forida and spent a few days at Disney World, and Universal Studios Themepark. It was so fun and we went on many fun and awesome rides.
  • Grade 7

    In Grade 7, was sadly the worst year of my entire experience in school, but also the greatest that changed who I am today.
    My bestfriend Keisha had passed away suddenly and it was such a tradgedy. But it was also the greatest because I made the greatest friends too. They definitely were the bomb.
  • Reuniting with my old friends

    In grade 8, I met up with my old friends from St. Johns and Corpus Christi because I left for two years to go to a public school.
    it was also the year I was going to graduate out of middle school and enter highschool. It was the greatest feeling ever.
  • First Day Of Highschool

    I entered Highschool and I met up with all my friends. I felt rather satisfied because I was able to be indepent, be responsible with the classes I choose and make new friends. It was way different than middle school and by far with elementary. I enjoy highschool.