Ryan Anderson

  • Birth

    I was borned
  • First Day of School

    First day of Kindergarden/School
  • Celebrated the New Mellineam

  • I almost drowned

    I would of it my Cousin Ethan didn't Save me.
  • I Graduated High School

    I Graduated from High School, Next Stop College
  • Started College

    Started College
  • Graduated College

    I Graduated college on this date.
  • Got a Programming Job

    Got a job progamming Video Games
  • Got a Promotion

    Became a lead programmer
  • Got Married

    Got Married
  • Bought a House

    bought our first house
  • Have first kid

    Have a boy named John
  • Have my 2nd Kid

    A Girl named Betty
  • I Bought a Bigger House

    We Need more room for the Kids
  • I Won the Lottery

    I give 1/2 of it to Charity and keep the other half for savings.
  • I Retire

    Retired from my job
  • My Wife Dies

    I Attend her Funeral
  • Pass Away

    Died of old age