Russian Revolution Events

  • Lenin dies

    in 1924, the leader of the Bolshevik REvolution and the communist party dies. This causes a struggle in the between many members of the communist party to become the next leader of the Soviet Union.
  • Trotsky craves power

    After the death of Lenin, Leon Trosky believed he should become leader of the Soviet Union. They were good friends and he played a major role in the Bolshevik Revolution.
  • Stalin takes over

    Stalin was a member of the Bolsheviks later in the revolution so he didn't play a major role. He was very hard working and dedicated to the power and he focused on strrengthening the Union's government and economy.
  • Stalin and his ideas

    Josef Stalin used censorship and propaganda. He always created a new curriculum for schools to teach to make people loyal to him.He created a command economy which is when the government controlls the economy and made all the economic decisions for the country.
  • Stalin's changes

    Stalin combined the land into collective farms. Families would work on this land to produce food for the state. Many peasants killed their livestock instead of handing it over to the government. Eventually, most peasants worked on collective farms and there was an increase in production.
  • Life under Stalin

    Children were indoctrinated with Stalin's philosopies and beliefs. Women were treated under the communist regime and had the same access to education and jobs as men did. Everyone was expected to participate in the economy and the government was more important than the individual.