Russian Revolution

By jenher
  • demostrates in Petrograds

    The women ignite the start of the war on international womens day. They caused a major uprising. Many of the working women went on strike and demanded many things.
  • Formation of the Temporary comitee

    The petrogads garrisons begin mutiny. The Duma company made a comitee with democrats and it took authority in the gov. This was the "dual power"
  • orders 1 and 2

    Order No. 1 was created and it was the first thing that they did under the Dual Power. Order 1 had radical implications for the army. Order no. 2 was then created to tone down order no. 1. The dual power ended up failing because of all of these things.
  • Provisional gov. is formed

    Tsar Nicolas II sends soliders to restore order. The Duma comitee then designed a railroad system where everyone has to travel under the control of them.
  • abolition of death penality

    The repealed all limitations of Freedom of opionions and discrimation of religion. They also abolished the death penatlty and political prisioners were released.
  • womens right to vote

    The provisional gov. desided to not let women vote. A womens sufferage movement was held in response to this. They refused to leave the march and the gov. granted sufferage.
  • Lenin returns to Petrograd

    lenin retruns to Russia but is upset by the war that they have entered. He launches an anit-war attack on the provisional gov. He wants power for all of the soviets.
  • Crisis

    Man in power sent a note to the Allies and it was supposed to be private. It ended up being seen by the public in which he was asked to resign his position. ANother man resigns his posistion so they are now left with no minister of affiars or war minister. The socialists then come in a take over.
  • national congress

    First all Russia congress meeting with lower classes. Congress is filled with socialist revolutionaries. Some thogutht that they would not be able to handle controlling the nation.
  • Kerensky offensive

    Last Russian offfensive in WWI. Aimed to hold back the Central pwers and raise the faith in the government and the army. It ended on a bad note and was unsucessful!
  • Womens March

    Women march to recieve blessing of the church and millitary leaders. They did this to support the war and it was helpful! Many women of different classes all attended
  • Womens suffrage

    WOmens suffrage was finally granted! The provisional government Electoral law granted it.
  • Kerensky Prime minister

    ALexander Kerensky is prnounced Prime MInister. At the time though, The provisional goverment was in a crazy state and he wanted to bring back constitutional democrats which played an intersesting role.
  • Kornilov affair

    Kornliov comes to Petrograd and claims that Germant will win Riga if he is not allowed to cpmple military dictatorship.
  • Bolsheviks with control

    Aaftr the affair, the soviet central execvtuve comittee gains support. many of the prisoners were relased that were Bolshevik leaders and Kerensky panics. He attempted to disband the military committee but was a failure. Many revolts then happened.