Russivavs ukraine

Russia vs Ukraine

  • "Foreshadowing"

    The first of it all began on this day. It was reported by Ukraine that there were odd Russian movements occurring nearby the border.
  • Oh no

    Oh no
    18 days later, 92,000 Russian troops managed to group themselves up close to the Ukraine border.
  • Training

    Around 60 aircraft and 6,000 soldiers commenced training exercises close to the border.
  • Justification

    Russia mentions in an attempt of justification the two pro-Russian breakaway regions of Ukraine (The Donetsk and The Luhansk). Telling people that these regions of Ukraine want to be apart of Russia and are pro-Putin. This is one of the ways Putin is justifying the need for Ukraine. In addition, Putin mentions that Vladimir Lenin "founded" and "built" Ukraine; also stating that the locals who didn't like him were "ungrateful descendants". Saying, "This is what they call decommunization".
  • Chapter 1

    Chapter 1
    This is where the fighting all began. Following Putin's announcement, cruise and ballistic missiles were launched at airfields, military depots, and military bases. All targeted on the eastern parts of Ukraine. The border that meets Belarus and Russia served as an entrance for the Russian soldiers entering in big groups.
  • Period: to

    Piling up

    Russian attacks are piling up heavily since the war started, only a week after 70 Ukrainian soldiers were killed. Furthermore, 10 civilians were killed in the bombing of the regional administration building on Freedom Square. However, it was reported that it was the first time Ukrainian troops started to attack instead of defend. Moreover, humanitarian corridors were opened due to an agreement between the two countries to help civilians exit safely.
  • Relations

    We are now is Phase two, where almost all of the conflict has moved to the southern and eastern parts of Ukraine. Russia's blows are devastating and continuing to hurt Ukraine badly. Another way Russia are trying to justify themselves, is by saying that Ukraine are full of Nazis. And Putin is trying to rid Nazis from this world to make it a better place. But on this day, Borris Johnson former PM of the UK met with Zelenskyy and offered military aid. Securing relations are a big step for Ukraine.
  • How the tables were turning

    How the tables were turning
    On May the 6th, Russia reported that one of their ships, consisting from the Black Sea Fleet was hit and destroyed. We can observe Ukrainian forces going on the offense and winning some battles.
  • Period: to

    The turned tide

    Entering phase 3 on the 6th of September, this is where things really took a turn. Ukraine managed to win back important land in the war, for instance, Kupiansk, Izium, and parts of Kharkiv Oblast. On the 11th of September, Russia commenced a formal withdrawal from all parts of Kharkiv Oblast, giving Ukraine much needed power. Ukraine are looking at this war from a defense standpoint. Fighting back in self-defense and protecting their country is the sole reason of the war on Ukraine's side.
  • Mobilization

    On the 21st of September, Vladmir Putin called out of partial mobilization in the military. Although this is only targeted at reservists, the only thing preventing a civilian would be age, health, or record. Shockingly, it was stated that Russia would muster some 300,000 reservists to fight in the army. In addition, the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk are now to be considered a part of the Russian army. Taking that they have always wanted to be with Russia.