Romantic Era and American History

By smithlw
  • Missouri Compromise

    The Missouri Compromise allowed for Maine to be established as a free state while Missouri was admitted as a free state.
  • The Harmonica

    Friedrich Buschmann invents the first harmonica.
  • Sixth President

    John Quincy Adams is inaugurated as the sixth President of the United States.
  • The Bassoon

    Carl Almenrader redesigns the French Bassoon.
  • Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

    Construction begins on the Baltimore and Ohio railroads, the first public railroads in the United States.
  • Franz Schubert Dies

    Franz Schubert, a composer famous for inventing Leider and writing the famous Ave Maria, dies.
  • Seventh President

    Andrew Jackson is inaugurated as the Seventh President of the United States.
  • Symphony Fantastique

    Louis-Hector Berlioz completes his famous work, Symphony Fantastique.
  • Texas

    Texas declares its independence from Mexico.
  • Tchaikovsky is Born

    Piotr Illych Tchaikovsky, the composer responsible for The Nutcracker, is born. Also, Niccolo Paganini dies.
  • The New York Philharmonic Orchestra is Founded

    One of the most famous orchestras in history is founded in New York, in the United States.
  • The US Annexes Texas

    The United States annexes the region of Texas by a joint resolution of Congress.