Rise of Hitler - Caroline Devine

By cdevine
  • Hitler fight in the First World War

    Hitler fight in the First World War
    Hitler became a soldier as a way to get away from trouble. He was very brave and strong, but being a soldier led to many bumps in the road including: becoming partially blind, feeling alone, and the start of his views on Jews.
  • Germany Surrenders: Treaty of Versailles

    Germany Surrenders: Treaty of Versailles
    The Treaty of Versailles was signed between WWI and WWII. In the treaty Germany was put to blame for the war and had the worst possible results while the League of Nations was created and failed.
  • Nazi Party is formed

    Nazi Party is formed
    National Socialist German Workers' Party started out as an advertisement for anti-sematic meetings. It took several tries to finally get people to join, going to 7 members to about 3000 people by 1920. Along with Hitler being the leader of the meetings he also recruited men he knew from the army, which helped get the member count up. The Nazi Party symbol is the swastika.
  • Beer Hall Putsch

    Beer Hall Putsch
    The Beer Hall Putsch was a meeting in which Hitler and the Nazi Party tried to seize power of Germany, Munich, and Bavaria as well as Europe wanting money from damages Germany caused during WWI. Instead, Hitler and the Nazi's went to kidnap Bavarian leaders and hold them hostage until they let Hitler become leader.
  • Hitler becomes leader of the Nazi Party

    Hitler becomes leader of the Nazi Party
    543 votes for Hitler, 1 against. After Hitler being questioned for being a traitor, his power overcame that leading to his authority of the Nazi Party.
  • Mein Kampf is written

    Mein Kampf is written
    A book Hitler wrote as a way to "get away" while in Prison. It means "My Struggle" and it includes his views on what he wishes for Germany in the future and politics.
  • Hitler's tried for Treason

    Hitler's tried for Treason
    Hitler told the court room he was a German patriot and it was the German Politicians who were the traitors. Instead of him getting the worst of the punishment, he only got 5 years and had the possibility of parole in 6 months. Completely wrong.
  • Stock Market Crashes

    Stock Market Crashes
    Right before the crash, the stock market was at an all time high. Once the stocks started to decrease in value, more and more banks were failing and people were losing their money. FDR was President during this time and closed the banks for 3+ days because they couldn't keep track of their credit.
  • Hitler voted Chancellor of Germany

    Hitler voted Chancellor of Germany
    Hitler basically used the power he and the Nazi's had to get his way to being Chancellor of Germany. The National Party technically didn't win, Hitler just demanded his way to Chancellor.
  • Hitler becomes dictator of Germany

    Hitler becomes dictator of Germany
    Reichstag passed the Enabling Act which handed over the power to Hitler to make laws, have control over the budget for Germany, and approve/disapprove of treaties. He officially became Dictator. To make people like him he seemed very respectful and wise during the public meeting 6 days after becoming dictator, but later his hatred for Jews came out.
  • Nazis elected to Reichstag

    Nazis elected to Reichstag
    Hitler was appointed Chancellor Of Germany in 1933 and from there on he established the Third Reich which didn't limit authority.
  • The Reichstag building burns

    The Reichstag building burns
    A man by the name of Marinus van der Lubbe decided to burn the Reichstag building, a government building for business meetings, as a way to revolt and protest Capitalism. The ironic thing is that around the same time, Hitler approved to do the same thing.