• Down the hole France went

    Down the hole France went
    France accrues a high debt from the American Revolution. By the french helping the the American's fight there revolutionary war in slowly was putting them in more debt just getting higher an higher. This was significantvto the french revolutionary war beacuse it litirally just made things worse an worse digging themselve into the whole leaving no money for the people.
  • the ruling of the people.

    the ruling of the people.
    The national convention replaces the Aassembly where all male citizens gained the right to vote. This was a significant event in the revolutionary war by giving the peope the right to choose there goverment and not have monarchy ruling over them.
  • The Song of Pride

    The Song of Pride
    "la Marsellaise" becomesthe new french national anthem. The french new national athem made a big impact in the people themselves giving them sense of pride an stronger as a country. the french walked tall an cofident an and glad they got threw tuff times.
  • Governing Body

    Governing Body
    The duma was set up and had no real power. The Legislative had no power of any sor tleaving them woth with no power not bieng able to pass laws.
  • The End

    The End
    The Russians signed the treaty of briest litousk with Germany. This event was significant to the Russian revolution by them signing this treaty they agree to give land to germany in return for then to end the war between them for good.
  • Trust No One

    Trust No One
    Stalin started the great purge arresting intelectual, original Bolshevik revolutionist and militaly officers who served with Lenin. This was a significant event towards the russion revolutionary war by sending a message of lenin himself that he was paranoid of people being after him for the choices he made.