Republik Rheinland

Timeline created by Papalouie
  • Revolution against Prussia

    Revolution against Prussia
    Inspired by the success of the American and French Revolution, the Rhine province rebels against theKingdom of Prussia, and declares itself its own nation the ‘Rheinland’
  • Birth of a Nation

    Birth of a Nation
    1804 - Due to support from France, the U.S, and Austria-Hungary, Rhineland is successful against Prussia and is officially itself its own nation 'Republik Rheinland'
  • Foundation of Principle

    Foundation of Principle
    Shortly after their successful victory, Republik Rheinland drafts it's first constitution outlining the rights for its people drawing inspiration from the French and American.
  • Capitulation

    Republik Rheinland is returned to Prussian Control after being annexed during the first charge into France in the Franco-Prussian War.
  • Liberation and Succession

    With the fall of the German Empire, Republik Rheinland is liberated by Allied Powers and votes to secede from Germany after the war.
  • The Second Occupation

    The Second Occupation
    Republik Rheinland falls under Nazi rule after Hitler reoccupies the Rhineland.
  • Reborn through Smoke

    Reborn through Smoke
    With the allies push into Germany, Republik Rheinland is liberated from Nazi occupation and for the final time in its history will be ruled by another nation.
  • Preperation for the future

    Preperation for the future
    Republik Rheinland is among the first 7 nations to join the European Union in order to strengthen itself and prepare for the future.