Republican Party

  • republican party

    The republican was organized as an answer to divide politics , political turmoil, arguments and internel divison over slavery.
  • Formation of the Republican party

    The first Republican state convention was held in jackson, michigan.
  • The founding of the party

    they decided to call themselves Republicans because they wanted to be political descendants of Thomas Jeffersons. the name was formally adopted by a state convention.
  • The founding of the Party

    So farr it was a success from the beginning. In 1854 congressional elections 44 republicans were elected to the house of Representatives.
  • Formation of the Republican party

    was popularly known as the GOP from its earlier nickname grang old party. Republians have occupied the white house for 84 years. the republican strength came from new england and the midwest. it has taken political stances in favor of free enterprise against welfare state.
  • Formaton of the Republican party

    The Republican National Comimittee met for the first time followed four months later by the first republican National Convention
  • The Republican Era

    The second Republican national cnvention was involved with Abraham Lincoln. it had regulations not to extend slavery and called for enactment of free homestead legislation.
    Lincoln was opposed be three major candidates. stephen douglas, john bell, and john cabell.
  • The Republican Era

    The defeat of the south in the civil war left democratic party allied with the confederacy. The republicans were with election of Ulysses S. Grant. they began a time for more than 70 years.
  • reconstruction

    during reconstruction mostly democratic south had seceded from both union and congress struggle to regain its footing.
  • Republican Party

    Republicans proposed the 14th amendment, which became part of the constituiton in 1866. to all persons born or naturalized in the United states.
  • Republican Congress

    Republican Congress also passed the national eight hour law that applied only to government workers by limiting the work day to eight hours
  • leading to new times

    Also led the fight for womens rights mostly all of them were republicans.
  • the Republican Party

    Republicans encated the nations first ever civil rights act. that extended citizenship and equal rights to people of all races, all colors , and all creeds.
  • the Republian party

    they also expanded the protections of the civil rights to give all citizens the equal access to all public accommodations.
  • Republican Senator Aaron sargent

    Republican Senator Aaron sargent wrote the womens suffrage amendment in 1878 then it didnt end passing by congress