Republic of Togo Politcal System History

  • Togoland Established

    Togoland Established
    The German protectorate of Togoland was established.
  • Period: to

    Political System of Togo

  • Togoland Seized

    Togoland Seized
    British and French forces seize Togoland from Germany during the beginning of the Second World War and divided it amongst themselves.
  • League of Nations Intercedes

    League of Nations Intercedes
    Leauge of Nations says British will take western part and French were given the eastern part of Togo.
  • Independence Day!

    Independence Day!
    Togo gains independence from French forces. The British owned portion of Togo was later transfomed into Ghana territory.
  • Sylvanus Olympio

    Sylvanus Olympio
    Olympio is elected the first President of Togo.
  • President Eyadema

    President Eyadema
    Eyadema agrees to divide power with transitional administration pending elections=Politcal parties are legalized.
  • Democratic Constitution Established

    Republic of Togo ConstitutionThe new democratic constitution called for multi-party politics. Also, in accordance with the terms of this constitution, the president of the republic is named the chief executive and is elected for a term of 5 years. Legislative power is vested in the national assembly composed of 81 members, also elected for 5 year terms. The president appoints the prime minister (serves as head of government) from the party that commands a parliamentary majority.
  • Faure Gnassingbe Elected President

    Faure Gnassingbe Elected President
    After the death of his father Eyadema, Faure was elected president of the Republic of Togo. Allegations that the election was rigged lead to deadly riots. An estimated 400-500 people were killed.
  • On the Way to Democratic

    National Anthem
    As of today, Togo's political system can be characterized as a republic(a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them)
    in trasition to democracy (government by the people).