Reese's Life Journey

  • My Birth

    Born in Dickinson, ND
  • Period: to


  • Started School

  • Moved to Canon City CO

    Attended Washington Elementary School
  • Attended Harrison

    For my fourth and fifth grade school year.
  • Moved to California

    Attended Sullivan Middle School
  • Moved to North Dakota

    Attended Hagen Jr. High throughout my seventh and eighth grade school years.
  • Period: to

    Teen Years

  • Permit

  • Moved to Colorado

    Attended Canon City High School my whole high school career
  • Gymnastics

  • Tiger Ladies

  • License

  • Period: to


  • Graduated High School

  • College

  • Graduated College

  • Opened Buisness

  • Married

  • Adopted a Chid

  • Retired

  • Death