Reconstructing the Post War

  • Nationalists escape to Taiwan

    Nationalists escape to Taiwan
    After Mao, the communist leader had won the war, the Nationalistsm, lead by Jiang Jeshi retreated to the island of Twaiwan near China in 1949.
  • Period: to


  • Great Leap Forward

    Great Leap Forward
    In China Mao wanted the same industrial growth as the Soviets so in 1958 he demanded an increase in all types of production. His plan failed horribly though do to millions of deaths.
  • Cultural Revolution

    Cultural Revolution
    Another one of Mao's plans was to make all classes in China equal. Once again he did not execute the plan efficiently and it was a miserable failure.
  • Khmer Rouge

    Khmer Rouge
    Communist rebels in Cambodia took over and put Pol Pot into power in hope for a better government. He ended up killing about two million citizens. Today in Cambodia, thousands of skulls can be found lying around.
  • Fall of Saigon

    Fall of Saigon
    The fall of saigon was a period of time when many fleed Vietnam as the war ended and it turned into a communist state. Thousands fleed to the U.S. and other nearby countries.