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Rákóczi’s War of Independence

  • Right of resistance & free election of king abolished

  • An uprising in Tokaj-hegyalja

  • An uprising in Tiszahát

    An uprising in Tiszahát
    by the Kuruc forces that were led by Esze Tamás
    Rákóczi was chosen as their leader
  • Conquest of Transylvania & the territory between the Danube and the Tisza

  • Conquest of Transdanubia

  • Diet of Szécsény

    The estates of the Kingdom of Hungary were confederated
  • Diet of Ónod

    Diet of Ónod
    The Habsburg dynasty was dethroned (Joseph I.)
  • Diet of Sárospatak

    serfdom was threatened
  • The war of Independence failed

    The country was recaptured by the imperial army
  • The Peace Treaty of Szatmár

    The Peace Treaty of Szatmár