Quarter 3 Timeline

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    Quarter 3

  • Agriculture Revoulution

    Agriculture Revoulution
    11,000 B.C
    * Advancements made in Agriculture/Farming tools
    * New idea's brought to Agriculture

    * Changes in technology used
    * New system that we still use today
    * Brought more food with less work
  • Ancient Egypt

    Ancient Egypt
    5th Century B.C
    * Nile Provided life for Ancient Egypt
    * Religon playing a HUGE part in Ancient egyptian life
    * Pyramids house ancient rulers
    * Agriculture played a big role in everday life
    * Ancient egyptians were polytheistic
  • Ancient Greece

    Ancient Greece
    500 B.C
    * Terrain/Landscape was very hard to travel.
    * Ancient greeks were polytheistic
    * Democracy birthplace
    * Shaped future political generations
    * Played a big role in wars
  • Ancient Greece ll

    Ancient Greece ll
    500 B.C
    * Never before seen Architechture
    * Alexander the Great (Greatest ruler of all time)
    * Great Philosophers
    * Ancient greeks were extremley good artists
    * Incredible mapmaking skills
  • Ancient Rome

    Ancient Rome
    1000 B.C
    * Established the first republic
    * Elite society known as "Patricians"
    * Together Patricians and Plebians overthrew the King
    * Formed an outstanding army
    * Became a Empire
  • Ancient Rome ll

    Ancient Rome ll
    A.D 100
    * Basic introduction of Slavery
    * Public entertainment is established
    * Increase in technology/Architechture
    * Christianity arises
    * Much turmoil during this time
  • Ancient China

    Ancient China
    ***1600 B.C- End of second century A.D***
    * Shang Dynasty begins
    * Confuscious New poltical/Religous power
    * New religon established known as "Confuscionism"
    * Social status comes into play
    * Dynastie(s) decline.