Pure Soul

  • Coupons

    Our business is going to spread coupons for our restaurant around town by handing them out to businesses and putting them in popular places around town and geting some in the newspaper to get them to the maximum amount of people. The coupons will have to do with either getting coffee cheaper or something like a buy 2 get 1 free to try and get more people into our business and hopefully repair our damaged image by showing customers our products are quality and the situation was a fluke.
  • Incentives/traffic builder

    We will have a sweepstakes and the first 1000 customers for us on a monday morning will be entered in a raffle to win 6 Packers tickets to two different games throughout the upcoming season. We wil open at 6 and this should get many people in there buying stuff from the beginning of the day and hopefullyu customers wil like what they get and come back for more. This will show the community we are sorry about what happened and look to make ammends. We chose this as a traffic bulider because
  • Traffic builder continued

    people around here love the Packers and we feel if they hear about this promotion then they will come flying in and purhcase our products and hopefully this will gain some loyal customers.