Psych 229 Timeline Project

  • The birth of Allan S. Pearlman

    The birth of Allan S. Pearlman
  • Period: to

    Psych 229 Timeline Project

  • Biosocial Event

    Self discovery of my boy "parts".
  • Cognitive Event

    My first memories of recollection. I remember "reading time", "nap time", learning the alphabet, tying shoes, etc.
  • Psychosocial Event

    Full realization that I was a social outcast; shunned by my peers, bullied, made fun of. Did have some friends, but very few, and they too were social outcasts. We were our own social group. To save you the suspense and keep rewriting this over and over, this lasts throughout high school.
  • Psychosocial Event

    Began to become aware, as did my peers, of different social statuses. I was excluded from being chosen for sports activities and was becoming a social outcast.
  • Cognitive Event

    Thinking: began to grasp the sciences, math, and integration of different concepts.
  • Biosocial Event

    Puberty: my voice starting cracking; began experiencing growing pains in my legs; and began noticing muscle tone definition.
  • Beginning of High School Career

  • Biosocial Event

    In high school you realize the differences between puberty and adulthood, and I was on the scrawny end of puberty.
  • Cognitive Event

    Realized that high school moved at a pace too slow for me and that I wasn't being challenged enough. Going from a private to public school, the public school moved at a slower pace than the private school and so I found that I was about a year or two ahead of my classmates in acedemics.
  • First Job

    Cognitive and psychosocial: began first job where I met and got to know people who accepted me for who I was, and I could shed the social stigma that haunted me throughout high school. Made some very close friends, some of which I still am in contact and hang out with today.
  • Psychosocial Event

    I was still an outcast due to the poor nature of my family compared to the comfortable status of other classmates. Also being about two years ahead academically than other people my age because I went to a private school, this set up the stage for more ridicule. This began my road toward having a negative attitude and poor school performance, as I felt there was no need to try. I got into many fights, skipped a lot of school and generally had a bad high school experience.
  • Beginning of College Career

  • Biosocial Event

    Realized metabolism slows down and had to watch what I ate a little more, as weight gain could be a potential problem. Muscles were still developing and I was filling out more.
  • Cognitive Event

    Didn't really put much effort into my first semester of college, ended up failing a class.
  • Psychosocial Event

    Completely shed of stereotypes from high school, was more in control of my own social outlets and who I surrounded myself with, but still remained a loner in college.
  • Cognitive and Psychosocial Event

    From failing a class in previous semester, I put more energy into studying and attending class and greatly improved my grades and college performance.
    By putting more energy in school, I began to learn balance with school, work and social life. Learned to prioritize and put things into perspective.
  • Cognitive and Psychosocial Event

    Began a new job at a bank while still also working at Arbys and attending school. I learned a whole new skill set with the internal workings of the bank while still maintaining developmental learnings skills that are associated with college, and making new relationships with new coworkers and maintaining previous relationships made at Arbys.
  • Psychosocial Event

    I quit both of my jobs at the bank and Arbys and began my employment with the United States Postal Service. It was hard to leave people that I had grown close with at my other two jobs, but I quickly made friends and new relationships at my new position with the USPS.
  • Graduated College

    Cognitive and Psychosocial event: obtained a BBA in economics. Family and friends were very proud and supportive, along with coworkers
  • Psychosocial Event

    Was tired and bored of the way my life was, needed a change. I had accomplished graduating college and maintained a job, but felt something was missing. I decided to transfer within the USPS to Colorado.
  • Pyschosocial and Cognitive Event

    Through self introspection, I really began to realize the importance of close family and friends, and their roles in my life. I missed people in my life here in Michigan, and having them in my life on a daily basis. Felt as though I had abandoned them by moving.
  • Moved back to Michigan from Colorado

  • Began College for Second Degree

    Cognitive: returned to college to acquire an advanced degree in nursing.
  • Transfer from Howell USPS district to Ann Arbor district (back home)

    Psychosocial event: after two years of being gone, I finally made it home to the people who were so supportive and encouraging of everything I had been through. Old friendships had been reunited and back with my family.
  • Wedding

    Psychosocial event: marry the love of my life in the company of family and friends.
  • Graduate with BSN

    Cognitive: gained a whole new skill set and range of knowledge in the field of nursing.
  • Began Physicians Assistant Program

    Cognitive: expanding patient care knowledge in the field of emergency medicine in the role of a Physician's Assistant.
  • Graduated Physician's Assistant Program

    Cognitive and Psychosocial event: have sufficient knowledge to diagnose and treat emergency department patients.
    Have maintained excellent rapor with nurses and hospital staff as well as develop patient care skills.
  • Mid-Life Crisis

    Psychosocial Event
  • Travel

    Take trip to Alaska both land and sea
  • Begin teaching as second job - Anatomy/Physiology

    While practicing as a Physician Assistant, I will also teach at the university level the subject of anatomy/physiology
  • Retirement

  • Death

    Cognitive: done.
    Psychosocial: finished.
    Biosocial: given back to the earth.