Janay cheer 126

Psych 229 Life Span Development,Jewels

By Jewels
  • Beginnings

    Parent of Jewels were United in Holy Matrimony
  • Conception

    Estimated Time of Conception of Jewels
  • First Two Years/Cognitive

    Started grabbing at Dad/Mom glasses @ 5months, had a mobile apparatus over crib,started talking sm. sentences at or around 2y/o
  • First Two Years- Biosocial

    Breastfed up to 6 months, Slept in baby bed as an Infant, Motor Skills- began walking at 12 months
  • First two Years/Psychosocial

    Temperment-Very friendly baby per Mom,, Self awareness-played dress-up, Distal parenting-per Mom
  • Play Years

    Julee -began Elementary School
  • High school

    Jewels began High School
  • Young Adult

    Jewels Graduated from High School
  • Young Adult

    I had my first male child
  • Maturing adult

    I began Community College, working toward a nursing degree
  • Young Adult on my own

    I had second male child, while living with childs father
  • Serious Adult

    I graduated from License Practical Nursing School, living by myself now..
  • Responsible Adult

    Married to first son's father
  • Child Bearing

    I had third female child, still attending Community College part-time
  • Death

    Husband died under his car, while working on it, on his Birthday at the age of 29
  • Widow and Grief/Maturing Adult

    My Father died at a Resturant with my Mother at his side, of a Massive Heart Attack.
  • Settling Adult

    I re-Married the day before graduation, I Graduated from Comm College with Assoc. of Applied Science Degree in Registered Nursing
  • Adult Making Decisions

    I had my Fourth and last child which was hospitalized 2 months of his birth, yet survived with no residual affects. Happy and Healthy
  • Adult on the Move

    Moved from Detroit to Suburbs for children's better educational opportunities
  • Adullt making decsion

    Separated from Husband
  • Adult with adult child

    1st male child to graduate from High School
  • Adult dealing with Situation

    Diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer
  • Adult dealing with Illness

    Had Bilateral Mastectomy Surgery
  • Continuing Education

    Eldest son started College
  • Continuing Education

    I started back in College, working on credits to transfer toward BSN completion program at E.M.U
  • More Adult circumstance

    I Had a Laprascopy Hysterectomy while attending school
  • Surgery

    Projected Breast Reconstructive Surgery at HenryFord Hospital
  • Continue Education/ New Beginings

    Transfer to E.M.U to the BSN program with only 8 clases for my degree, also Buy a New House for me and the children
  • Life Accomplishments

    Projected Graduate from E.M.U with Bachelors in Science in Nursing
  • Adult Achievments

    Start Master's program in Nursing with a minor in Teaching
  • Matered Goals

    Projected Graduate from Master's Nursing program
  • Older Adult with New Beginings

    Possibly Re-Marry or Reconcile previous marriage if applicable, Began teaching at a University and began World Travels
  • Nesting Adult

    Projected Reteirment from Teaching at the University
  • Older Adult forfilment

    Take up Dance classes for enjoyment, spend quality time with Grandchildren and Great-grand children, showing them the world and exploring new things
  • Golden Years

    Still driving own car, Continue to Celebrate Life illness-free and living on my own with mate or not...
  • Final Years

    Living in an assisted Living residence with Husband or not, but self sufficient
  • Death Year

    Celebrated 100 year Birthday and still enjoying Life, may pass quietly away in my sleep this year.....