• The approximate date of my conception

  • Period: to

    Prenatal Development and Birth

  • Mother's pregnancy officially confirmed

  • BIRTH - at about 8AM - healthy baby

  • Period: to

    The First Two Years . Age: birth to 2

  • Biosocial Development - I'm taking my first steps. Age: 7-8 months

    Age: 7 - 8 months
  • Cognitive Development - I enter the "little scientist" stage. Age: 1

    I begin to explore the world around me, combining ideas and reacting to the environment
  • Psychosocial Development: Attachment towards mom, dad and my older brother solodifies. Age: 2

  • Period: to

    Early Childhood. Age: 2 to 7

  • Biosocial Development - I become very active. Age: 3

    Running, playing with balls, drawing, etc.
  • Cognitive Development: First day of School

  • Psychosocial Development: I build friendships with school mates. Age: 6-7

  • Period: to

    Middle Childhood. Age: 7 to 12

  • Biosocial Development: My parents sign me up for swimming lessons. Age: 7

  • Psychosocial Development: Receive the first "F" grade. Age: 8

  • Cognitive Development: First day of Junior High. Age: 9

  • Period: to

    Adolescence. Age: 12 to 17

  • Biosocial Development: Puberty Starts. Age: 12

    I start an extensive physical growth period. My voice gets deeper, body and pubic hair appears, muscular development, etc.
  • Cognitive Development. First day of High School. Age: 14

    I enter a new schooling system: high school. I face new challanges and expand my knowledge.
  • Psychosocial Development: Experiencing Parties. Age: 16

    I start having social gatherings with friends and schoolmates. During this time I smoke my first cigarette and experience social drinking.
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood. Age: 17 to 23 (present)

  • Biosocial Development: I reach the peak of my physical fitness. Age: 18

    My body is in a top form: I excercise regularly, play sports, hike and lift weights. I also reach my final height: 5 8'
  • Cognitive Development: Choosing and applying to college. Age 18

    During this time in my home country - Romania - most high school graduates are busy applying to different colleges across the country and facing a difficult decision: where to go.
  • Psychosocial Development: Parents move out of the country. Age 19

    My parents move to the US while I remain in Romania to continue my studies. Living alone helps me become more responsable, reflect on life goals and ambitions and achieving identity.
  • Period: to


  • Cognitive Development: Become a Registered Nurse; Age: 27

    After years of school and training I finally obtain my Bachelors Degree and pass the state nursing board examination.
  • Psychosocial Development: Getting married and starting a family; Age: 30

  • Biosocial Development: My physcial appearance starts changing; Age: 45

    I am no longer in top physical shape. I start getting few grey hairs, my muscles are weaker, etc.
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood - Death

  • Biosocial Development: My general health starts degrading; Age: 65

    With advanced age, I start developing "normal" health issues like high blood pressure, impaired vision, low mobility, etc.
  • Psychosocial Development: Retirement; Age: 67

    After a rewarding career in the health care system I finally retire and enjoy the advantages that this period has to offer. Now I have time to visit different countries, spend more time reading and socializing.
  • Cognitive Development: "Sharing" the wisdom; Age: 70

    At this age, I am eager to share stories of my choldhood, reflexions and different experiences with close family members (especially grandchildren) and friends.
  • Death: Age 78

    According to the life expectancy calculator from a previous module, my estimated years are 78