• Birth

    I born in a village of Pakistan.My weight i don't know because my mom said that she did recoed my weight. My mom said that i was a very healthy baby and breastfed me.
  • first two years of conitive development

    I was aware of my surroundings . From birth, I did begin to actively. I was goodin noticing information from around them,
    my thinking, and gaining understanding was good. Read more: Cognitive Development - stages, meaning, average, Definitio
  • first two years of biosocial development

    at end of first two years my weight was triple from birth weight. I was dependent to crawling and walking. I started learning words and talking at early age. Throughout the first two years, I slept well, displayed positive motor skill development, received the necessary immunizations, and was breast fed.
  • first two years of psychosocial develpoment

    I was attached to my mother and grandmother mostly than my other brothers and sisters. I was good in playing home games.and recognizing different toys bolonging.
  • playing year of biosocial development

    My height was increased 2 to 3 inches, and my weight was almost 40 pound. I could stand, walk ,and jump properly.
  • playing year of congnitive development

    I n the playing year of cognative development I learned to use symbols such as language to represent objects, and beginning to understand the concept of conservation.
  • plying year of psychosocial development

    My parents always facilitated and encouraged positive social interactions with other children.
    I was good in making friends too, and playing games with them. I mostly like to play with friends a lot. Whenever I got bore I used to do drawing and playing.
  • adolescence :cognitive development

    I was abstract thinking at this stage I did have the ability to reason from known principles form own new ideas or questions.
  • Adolescence: Psychosocial Development

    Beginning stages of middle school. Became much more aware and conscious of appearance, something new to me at that age.
  • Adolescence: biosocial development

    At 15 years. I was involved in swimming and soccer throughout high school. As my mom was also a tri-athlete, she only provided the option of healthy eating around the house.
  • adulthood: cognitive devlopment

    At this stage I was mature physically and socially. development of thinking and learning abilities in me getting more progress.
  • adulthood: biosocial development

    At this stage of life biosocial development is much change in me, my height was not increased that much. but my weight was increased. My physical look got little change.
  • adulthood: psychosocial development

    actually I was very concerned with my physical appearance. At this age I was complained that my parents interfere with my independence. I was able to deal with several concepts at one time. I finished my high school and started the college. I was prefeded to be independent and stay with friends.
  • move to America

    our whole family move to America from Pakistan. It was a big change for us. But we were haappy for this change.
  • study in America

    I started study in America. It is a good and different experience for me to study in america.I did like the education system here.I am enjoying and interesting to study here.
  • engagment

    I got engaged on that day. It is another good event in my life
  • Death & Dying

    I don't believe on guessngdate of death. B ut I just guess that I will die in 2040 If there will not any disaster.