Prosthetic Limbs Timeline

  • 450

    B.C. Peg Legs

    Peg legs and crutches, made of wood and leather were invented.
  • 500

    B.C. Herodotus

    The oldest known reference to prosthetics being used is when a man named Herodotus wrote about a prisoner who escaped jail by cutting his own foot off
  • Jan 13, 1529

    Ambroise Pare

    Ambroise Pare was the first person to have introduced prosthetics as lifesaving. It could save the lives of all of the disabled.
  • Pieter Verduyn

    In 1690, the Dutch surgeon Pieter Verduyn invented a hinged lower leg prosthesis with a leather cuff.
  • Amputee Community

    In 1812, the amputee community saw the first prosthetic arm to be operated by the muscles of the opposite shoulder.
  • Sir James Syme

    In 1843, Sir James Syme described his method for ankle amputation.
  • Capri,Italy

    In 1858, in Capri, Italy, the oldest known copper and wood leg was discovered.
  • The American Civil War

    Between 1861-1865, The American Civil War caused the start of the American prosthetics field.
  • The United States

    Medical doctors were able to place illustrated ads, creating more customers.
  • The United States

    The United States government made a deal with some military companies to improve prosthetics rather than weapons.
  • Barron and Mosely

    Eric Barron and Mark Mosely incorporated metal to distribute force better.
  • Andrew

    Andrew replaced metal with thermoplastic for better stability on the shoulder level area.
  • John Miguelez

    A group led by John Miguelez specialized in prosthetics.
  • B.C. Marcus Sergius

    Also the historical account of a Roman General named Marcus Sergius who lost his right hand in battle of the second Punic war. He later got an artificial hand made out of iron and soon was in battle again.
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