Production Schedule

  • Filming at Angel Tube Station

    Filming the mystery character's close up shots. We will be filming our mystery character scene (close up shot of them on the escalators, stepping onto the tube) no props needed and we will only need the camera and a figrig.
  • Filming at Kings Cross Sqaure

    This is where we will be filming our main base track (wide shot of the location and close up of the artist singing) we will also be filming our last verse where the mystery person is revealed. Our main artist will be wearing a leather jacket, light coloured jeans and heeled boots. We will only be using the camera and fig-rig.
  • Filming at Millenium Bridge

    This is our second base track where we will shoot a wide shot of our artist standing on the bridge and close ups of her singing. She will be wearing a winter coat, dark jeans and boots. We will require lights for this location as we are filming at night time.
  • Filming in Angel area

    We will be filming our artist singing directly into the camera at a street crossing outside City and Islington college during the night. Our artist will be wearing a vest top with a blazer. We will also need lighting for this location as it will be shot at night.