Production Log

Timeline created by Danielle1994
  • 22 Novemeber

    In todays lesson, we went over all of the requirements of our coursework. We also started to do some of our research on ‘What is horror?’ and we used a range of different topics including setting, audience, representations etc.
    By doing this, I have learnt in detail, what exactly horror is and what most of the codes and conventions of it is. Some of the most common representations are women, old people and young children.
  • 24 Novemeber

    In todays lesson we created a wall wisher full of our initial ideas. This is the first time we have started to think about any initial ideas that we might have for our final piece and by using wallwisher, it enabled us to be as creative as possible. Wallwisher enabled us to draft down our ideas in note form for future references and to use it as a guidence.
  • 26 November

    In yesterdays lesson I created three different mood boards based on the horror genre. I decided to do my research into the specific area of the different sub genres of horror and I focused on the different aspects which make these sub genres. I created a separate mood board for each of the sub genres; Gore, Supernatural & Serial Killing. I included pictures which represented the mise-en-scene, plots, characters and items of each of these sub genres.
  • 30 November

    In todays lesson I created 2 powerpoint slides based on the analysis of horror films. Silent hill and Saw 6 were the two horror films I focussed on.I recognised the conventions of these horror films from the title sequences, I focused on things such as the typography, camera angles, the lighting, the mise-en-scene and also the actual content of the title sequences. By doing this, I learnt that a good title sequence will give enough of the plot away so that audiences would want to watch the rest.
  • 2 December

    After last lesson and researching a number of different title sequences, we started to create our own initial ideas for a title sequence. We expanded on our ideas of typography, sounds and the mise-en-scene that we were going to include in our title sequences.
  • 5 December

    In todays lesson, we started to research into well-known production companies who have produced well known horror movies. We were specifically looking at their production company logo to enable use to analyse it. When looking at the logo we specifically analysed the colours used, the typography and any images the logo had with it. By doing this, it made planning our own production company logo a lot easier because we had recognised which colours and typography were widely used for a horror.
  • 6 December

    Today we researched a well-known horror movies' synopsis and analysed it. I found the synopsis of ‘Mirrors’ and analysed all of the conventions. By doing this, we were able to learn what exactly a synopsis is and what it should tell the audience about your film. From researching other well-known horror movies synopsis it made writing our own one a lot easier as we knew exactly what it should say and how it should be presented.
  • 8 December

    We spent todays lessons doing a font analysis and trying out our own typography that we want to use in our horror movie. This showed me exactly what typography to use to exaggerate and show clearly that I was creatign a horror film. The typical typography used always attracts the audience displaying what type of film it is just from the title.
  • 16th December

    Over the next few weeks, I will be carrying out some audience research outside of lesson. I will be trying to collect both qualitative and quantitative research to help me with my planning. Doing audience research helps because it enables you to find out what people’s opinions are. I will attempt to send out a questionnaire based on horror movies. I will create this by using 'survey monkey'. From this I hope to find out what my audience find interesting about horrors and use for my horror.
  • Tuesday 3rd January 2012 - Tuesday 10th January 2012

    During these few lessons I have been drafting and creating my storyboards for my horror film. Due to the research into other horror films I know have initial ideas touse for my own horror film. We started to create three separate parts to our overall storyboard. We have split it into, the distribution logo, the title sequence and the opening sequence. I decided to do my title sequence and then my opening sequence in my overall piece.
  • Saturday 14th- Sunday 15th

    Over this weekend, I started the filming for my horror movie. I started filming my title sequence saturday. I found all the shots I could do in the same location and filmed them together. For example all the shots that were set in the same room to make the quick title sequence were filmed together. This made it easier for me.
  • Saturday 22nd- Sunday 23rd

    I continued to film my horror film. I filmed the opening sequence this weekend. Using the male character in my film and having the action and movement. I kept reffering to my storyboards so I knew what camera angles to use for each part of the opening sequence.
  • 26th January - 20th March

    During this period of time we have been editing our films. We have been concentrating on sound, titles and effect on our films and throughout the editing period we have created our titles, music and sounds. I found this part the most difficult as I had to cut some parts of my film out to fit the time allowed. I also had to add music to the background to add to the suspence. I also had to consider change of effect for example light-dim. For my film to be realistic I added the logo at the start.