prime Ministers of australia

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  • Edmund barton

    Edmund barton
    1st Prime Minister and 1st governor-generla
    Lord Hopetoun became the first Governor General and Edmund Barton the firstn Prime Minister.both were sworn in at the ceremony inaugurating the Commonwaelth of Australia
  • Period: to

    Prim Minister

  • Alfred Deakin

    Alfred Deakin
    2nd Prime Minister
    When Edmund Barton reighned to become a jugde of the high court, his friend is deputy Prime MinisterAlfred Deakin suceeded him.
  • chris waltson

    chris waltson
    3rd Prime Minister
    australia's first federal government bled by JC Waltson, achived office when labor members withdrewsuport for the deakin Government on an amendment to the concilition and Arbitratio9n Bill.
  • Gearge Reid

    Gearge Reid
    4th Prime Minister
    Leader of the Opposition from 1901, GH Reid became Australia's
    4th Prime Minister in three years.
  • Alfred Deakin

    Alfred Deakin
    Alfred Deakin became Prime Minister for the 2nd time, the Ried Government lost majority support in the house of Representatives.
  • Andrew Fisher

    Andrew Fisher
    5th Prime Minister
    Andrew Fisher became Prime Minister after Labor withdrew it support with manority Deakin government .
  • Alfred Deakin

    Alfred Deakin
    Prime Minister for the 3rd time
    Alfred Deakin became Prime Minister for the 3rd time after negotiating the "fusion" of members from the 3 non-Labor political gruops in the House of Repersentatives
  • Andrew Fisher

    Andrew Fisher
    Prime Minister for the 2nd time
    Andrew Fisher was sworn in as Prime Minister for the 2nd time. On 1 july 1910 the fourth parliament was opend, the 1st time a Prime Minister had a mijority in both houses.
  • Joseph cook

    Joseph cook
    Sworn in after a close eklection result, Prime Miniser Joseph Cook held a mijority of only one in the House of Repersentatative.