Presidential Election Process

Timeline created by AnthonyJP
  • Campaignin and Fundraising

    Campaignin and Fundraising
    In this step you do debates on Pre-Primary and Pre-elction. You also send advertisements by mail, e-mail, and internet ads. YOu need to get supporters to give you money to run.
  • Caucuses and Primaries

    Caucuses and Primaries
    Open Primaries: Any voter can vote for any party
    Closed Primaries: only voters registered to the party can vote in that party's primary.
    Semi-closed – MA uses this type: If not registered voter cann choice which primary to vote in. if he/she is rregistered then she can only vote in that primary.
    Semi-open:Voters are free to choose which party ticket to vote on but can't vote across party lines.
  • Caucuses and Primaries

    Caucuses and Primaries
    Blanket: voters pick one candidate for each office, it does not matter if they are the same party
    Run-off: Ballot is not restricted to party affiliation. top 2 candidates move on. they can be of any party.
    Caucuses: Local members of a political party select a candidate
  • Political Party Conventions

    Political Party Conventions
    Delegates attend the National Conventions to cast their votes for a candidate.
  • Election Day

    Election Day
    You can vote for anyone it does not matter if you are registered to a party or not.When you vote for President, you’re actually voting for a slate of electors.
  • Vote of the Electoral College

    Vote of the Electoral College
    Each state gets a certain amount of votes. The electors do not have to vote for the candidate they said they would vote for.