Approval ratings

Presidential and Congressional approval ratings

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    President Harry Truman

  • The Truman Doctrine

    The Truman Doctrine
    Legislative issue - President Truman signed the doctrine so the U.S. would support Greece and Turkey with economic and military aid to prevent their falling under the Soviet influence. Republicans were the majority of Congress, and they approved, but the Democrats fought hard. It was signed anyway, and historians believe it was the beginning of the Cold War. Presidential approval rating on 3/14/47: 58%. Congressional approval rating is unknown.
  • Fair Deal

    Fair Deal
    Domestic issue - The Fair Deal recommended that all Americans have health insurance, that the minimum wage be increased, and that, by law, all Americans be guaranteed equal rights. Republicans attacked the policies because of their liberal twist. The presidential approval rating: 68%. Congressional approval rating is unknown.
  • Building the H-bomb

    Building the H-bomb
    Controversial issue - Russia had begun its development on the hydrogen bomb in 1949. Many government leaders, including President Truman, believed the U.S. needed to develop one of its own in order to protect ourselves or essentially have the advantage to finish and use it first. Much of the people wanted nothing to do with the nuclear war that would inevitably follow the building of the bomb. The presidential approval rating of 2/24/50: 35%. The Congressional apprval rating is unknown.
  • Korean Conflict (a.k.a Korean War) - firing General MacArthur

    Korean Conflict (a.k.a Korean War) - firing General MacArthur
    Foreign issue - President Truman wanted to end the fighting of the Korean War, but General MacArthur disagreed and extended the war by two years. So Truman fired him on April 13, 1953. The presidential approval rating was 24%. The Congressional approval rating is unknown
  • "New Frontier"

    Domestic issue - In his acceptance speech, President JFK told the people of his "New Frontier". This refered to the direction he wished to take the country during his term in office. It covered topics from the economy to taxation, defense, civil rights, labor, welfare, and education. Becuase JFK was a Democrat, he was opposed by Republicans. His approval rating on 2/10/61: 72%. Congressional approval rating is unknown.
  • Inaugruation of JFK

    Inaugruation of JFK
    Controversial issue - Before JFK, no president was Roman Catholic. This made for much controversy because Al Smith was considered to have lost his election due to the fact that he was Roman Catholic himself. JFK attacked the opposers, saying that there should be a complete separation of religion and state. His approval rating as of 2/10/61 was 72%. Congressional approval rating is unkown.
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    Precidency of JFK

  • The Ratification of the 23rd Amendment

    The Ratification of the 23rd Amendment
    Legislative issue - The 23rd Amendment allows the District of Columbia to participate in the vote for presidents and Congress. This became an issue because DC is prone to vote Democratic. Republicans in Congress tried to stop the ratification. However, it happened regardless and was ratified in 1961. Presidential approval rating on 4/04/61: 78%. Congressional approval rating is unknown.
  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    Foreign issue - Fidel Castro became the dictator of Cuba in 1959. He overthrew the previous dictator with an armed revolt. Americans and Cubans alike hated this because of his known relationship with Soviet leaders. The U.S. government found a way to try to overthrow Castro, Bay of Pigs. The citizens of Cuba were to invade their own land in order to revolt against the new dictator. Presidential apporval rating on 4/28/61: 83%. Congressional apporval rating is unknown.
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    Presidency of Jimmy Carter

  • The Panama Canal Treaty

    The Panama Canal Treaty
    Legislative issue - The Panama Canal Treaty promised to give possession of the Panama Canal to the Republic of Panama by the year 2000. The Treaty was approved by a one-vote majority. The presidential approval rating on 9/06/77: 53%. The Congressional approval rating on 10/23/77: 31%
  • Camp David Accords

    Camp David Accords
    Foreign issue - The Camp David Accords was basically a treaty between the leaders of Egypt and Israel, regarding the issue of land possession and the Six-Day War. President Carter signed the treaty as witness. The presidential approval rating on 9/19/78: 47%. Congressional approval rating on 9/25/78: 29%.
  • The Three Mile Island Incident

    The Three Mile Island Incident
    Domestic issue - The Three Mile Island Incident was the explosion of a nuclear plan in Pennsylvania. No one was harmed or killed in the accident, but the nation was scared. The presidential approval rating on 4/03/79: 40%. Congressional approval rating on 8/02/80: 32%.
  • The Iranian Hostage Crisis/Desert One

    The Iranian Hostage Crisis/Desert One
    Controversial issue - Iranians had taken Americans as hostages after overrunning the U.S. Embassy in 1979. President Carter made a decision to take a risk with Desert One. Unfortunately, the plan didn't work due to the crashing of 3 helicopters. It's been considered an example of American impotence. The presidential approval rating on 4/29/80: 42%. Congresstional approval rating on 8/02/80: 32%.
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    President George H.W. Bush

  • Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

    Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
    Domestic issue - The Exxon Valdez spilled approximately 10.9 million gallons of its 53 million gallon cargo of Prudhoe Bay crude oil. It was the largest oil spill in U.S. history to date, only passed by the BP spill in 2010. Presidential approval on 4/07/89: 54%. Congressional approval rating on 1/13/90: 42%.
  • The Savings and Loan Bailout

    The Savings and Loan Bailout
    Controversial issue - A savings and loan or is a financial institution that accepts savings deposits and makes mortgage, car and other personal loans to individual members—a cooperative venture. The savings and loan bailout was the failure of about 747 out of the 3,234 savings and loan associations in the U.S. Presidential approval rating on 12/07/89: 71%. Congressional approval on 1/13/90: 42%
  • Invasion of Panama/Operation Just Cause

    Invasion of Panama/Operation Just Cause
    Foreign issue - It's been said that the United States broke both international law and its own government policies by invading Panama in order to bring its President Manuel Noriega to justice for drug trafficking. However, the facts hold true that Panama was invaded and President Bush (the first one) ordered Just Cause, causing the death of hundreds of Panamanian lives and damage to Panamanian cities. Presidential approval rating on 1/04/90:79%. Congressional aproval rating on 1/13/90: 42%.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    Legislative issue - The Americans with Disabilites Act is a wide-ranging civil rights law that prohibits, under certain circumstances, discrimination based on disability. The original intent of the Act was to provide civil rights for the disabled, similar to those granted to minorities and women. Presidential approval rating on 8/09/90: 74%. Congressional approval rating on 10/08/90: 27%.
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    Presidency of Bill Clinton

  • NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

    NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
    Legislative issue - NAFTA had begun its implementation on January 1, 1994. It eliminated the tariffs on agricultural trade, imports and exports, between Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. Presidential approval rating on 1/06/94: 54%. Congressional approval rating on 1/15/94: 30%.
  • Oklahoma City Federal Building Terrorist Bombing

    Oklahoma City Federal Building Terrorist Bombing
    Domestic issue - The U.S. government was blamed for this disaster.After searching through rubble for two weeks, it was found that 168 people were killed in the explosion, including 19 children and a nurse that was killed during the rescue operation. Presidential approval rating: 46%. Congressional approval rating on 5/04/95: 33%.
  • War in former Yugoslavia (1999)

    Foreign issue - NATO bombed Yugoslavia for three months straight. The attack was then followed by the military invasion (under a bogus UN mandate) and illegal occupation of the province of Kosovo, Yugoslavia. Presidential approval rating on 3/30/99: 64%. Congressional approval rating: 43%.
  • Bill Clinton's Impeachment

    Bill Clinton's Impeachment
    Controversial issue - Presidnent Clinton was under investigation for eleven possible reasons, including real estate dealings (without evidence), alleged sexual advances and affairs, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and perjury regarding civil suits and grand jury, Presidential approval rating on 12/20/99: 57%. Congressional approval rating on 2/12/00: 39%.