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  • Period: to

    Tanzimat Reform

  • Treaty of Nankin

  • Creation of Communist League

  • Communist Manifesto

  • Loi Falloux

  • Period: to

    Authoritarian and Conservative Empire

  • Beginning of French IInd Empire

  • Smallpox vaccination compulsory in England

  • Ottoman Empire declares war on Russia

  • Period: to

    Crimean War

  • Uk puts Danish King at the Head of Greece

  • UK and France declare War on Russia

  • Battle of Alma River

  • Period: to

    Siege of Sebastopol

  • Battle of Baklava

  • Battle of Inkerman

  • Battle of Chernaya River

  • Hill of Malakoff taken by the French

  • Henri Bessemer Improves steel making process

  • introduction of the binaural stethoscope

  • Period: to

    Second Opium War

  • Neutrality of the black sea / Autonomy of Moldavia and Wallachia

  • Fall of Sebastopol

  • Algeria is fully conquered

  • Period: to

    Sepoy Rebellion

  • Conservative insurrection in Mexico

  • Government of India Act / Dissolution of British East india Company

  • "Bagne" opened in Guyana

  • Plombières Agreement

  • Russian Armies conquer Turkestan

  • Darwin's On the origins of species

  • Period: to

    Second phase of the Risorgimento

  • Franco Piedmontese alliance

  • Vienna ultimatum to Victor Emmanuel

  • Battle of Magenta

  • Battle of Solférino

  • Assembly can discuss Emperor's Address

  • Cobden-Chevalier Treaty

  • Garibaldi starts a rebellion in Sicilia

  • Russian Armies conquer Caucasus

  • Pasteur's germ theory

  • Period: to

    Liberal Empire

  • Period: to

    Troops in Lebanon to protect missionaries

  • Period: to

    Constitutional debates in Habsburg

  • Period: to

    Nihilist Foundational period

  • Referenda in Naples, Sicily and Papal States

  • French troops arrival in Mexico (Supported by UK and Spain)

  • William I to power in Prussia

  • Period: to

    Constitutional Crisis in Prussia

  • Official proclamation of the Italian Kingdom

  • Abolition of Serfdom in Russian Empire

  • Sent troops to Cochin

  • A memory of Solférino by Henri Dunant

  • Defeat of French troops at Puebla

  • Bismarck Appointed as Prussian PM

  • Sent troops to Indochina

  • Polish Uprising

  • 1st Meeting of the Red Cross

  • Victory at Puebla of French troops

  • Right to Strike

  • Maximilian of Austria enthroned as Emperor of Mexico

  • Victorious war against the Danes

    Prussia gets Schleswig
  • Creation of a separated judicial branch in Russia

  • Creation of District and Villages assembly in Russia

  • UK: Women are allowed to vote in local elections

  • First Geneva Convention (Sick and wounded)

  • Creation of the first international

  • Suspension of Constitution (Habsburg)

  • General German Women’s association founded in Leipzig

  • Phenol introduced as a disinfectant in surgery

  • Proof that tuberculosis can be transferred by inoculation

  • Right to organise in Trade Unions

  • French leave Mexico

  • Italo-Prussian alliance (for Venice)

  • Victorious War against Austro-Hungary

  • Prussian victory at Shadow

  • Treaty of Prague = Vienna recognizes North German Confederation

  • Creation of the Dual Monarchy

  • Execution of Maximilian 1st

  • Canada Became a federal dominion

  • Right to Assembly

  • Nationality law in Austro-Hungary

  • Legislative body given the right to draft and to propose bills

  • Rome Occupation, French are forced to leave

  • Last Louis Napoléon Bonaparte Plebiscite

  • France declares war on Prussia

  • Period: to

    Franco-Prussian War

  • Battle of Sedan

  • German Empire proclaimed at Versailles

  • Treaty of Frankfurt

  • First Publication of Michel Strogoff

  • Period: to

    Russo-Ottoman War