Ww2 09

Political Leaders & WW2

  • Hitler and Germany

    Hitler and Germany
    -Went from a jobless soldier, to the leader of the Nazi's Party.
    -Hated Socialism
    -Believed in extreme forms of Nationalism
    -Felt all beings were inferior to "Aryans"
    -Great depression shot Germany to power, leaving millions unemployed.
    -Nazis won elections in 1932.
    -Established his supposed "Third German Empire"
  • Mussolini and Italy

    Mussolini and Italy
    -Created a totalitarian regime in Italy.
    -Convinced war veterans to fight the politicians
    -Believed in fascim (strong centralized government with dictator)
    -Common public feared the spread of communism
    -1921, Mussolini established Fascist party, winning 35 seats in Italian Parlaiment
    -Gradually extended fascism into normal life.
    -Reached his goals, but turned Italy into a Totalitarian Country
  • Period: to

    European Powers

  • Joseph Stalin's Rise To Power

    Joseph Stalin's Rise To Power
    *Vladimir Lenin died in 1924, and Joseph Stalin took over.
    *1927, began transforming U.S.S.R into Socialist power. Peasants farms were reposessed by state.
    *Also sought to turn U.S.S.R into industrial power, enacting inustrial expansion plans in 1928, 1933, and 1937.
    *1939, U.S.S.R ranked 3rd worlwide industrial power.
    *Any suspicion of anarchy was punnishable by death or exile to Siberia.
    *1939, U.S.S.R was in a state of Totalitarian Government.
  • Hideki Tojo

    -Invaded Manchuria and China and 1937 causing conflicts with many other countries.
    -U.S cut off trade with Japan
    -Projected peace, and if unsuccessful, would wage war
    -When projecting peace, he waged war the same day