Political career of Napoleon

  • Became the first consul of France

    With the power of his army he started a dictatorship and became the first consul of France.
  • Banque de France

    Napoleon established the national bank of France and also brought some economic reforms.
  • Louisiana purchase

    Napoleon sold the state of Louisiana to the United States of America, for 15 Million dollars, from this money he covered his military needs.
  • Napoleonic code / Code civil

    Laws of Napoleon it contained equality before law, religious tolerance and some people says it ende the feudalism in France, however France wasn't a mainly feudalist country.
  • Coronation of Napoleon

    Napoleon crowned himself as the emperor of France, in the Notre-Dame. It was the symbol of his power and independence from the church.
  • First campaign against the Habsburg empire

    Important battles were the Battle of Ulm and the Battle of Austerlitz, during the first campaign against the Habsburgs. Napoleon defeated the main forces of the Habsburgs.
  • Attempt to invade England

    As the first step to capture England, Napoleon wanted to destroy the fleet of Britain, but in the Battle of Trafalgar, with the lead of Horatio Nelson the Royal Navy defeated the French fleet, and defended England from the French.
  • Period: to

    Campaign against Prussia

    Important battle was the Battle of Jéna, and the French army also sacked one of the main cities of Prussia, Berlin.
  • Period: to

    Campaign in the Iberian-peninsula

    He captured Spain and Portugal
  • Second campaign against the Habsburg empire

    Important battles were the Battle of Wagram, where the Holy Roman Empire defeated and disappeared, and the Battle of Győr was also important, because this was the last Hungarian noble insurrection in the history.