Pip's life timeline

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    Pip's life

  • Pip met the convict

    This event introduces Pip's innocent personality as a young boy. It also marks the time Pip met the person who would change Pip's life in the future.
  • Pip's first visit to Miss Havisham's house

    Pip was able to meet a rich person for the first time. This event caused Pip to question his worth in the world because of Estella's mean remarks to him.
  • Pip met Mr. Jaggers

    Pip's future was definitely changed as his plans went from being a blacksmith like Joe to becoming a gentleman in London. Pip has gained access to a world of higher social class.
  • Herbert tells Pip about Miss Havisham's past

    Pip finally learns the background of Miss Havisham's mournful life. He discovers the mystery of what caused her to act the way she does. Pip's new knowledge of Miss Havisham's personality caused him to have more negative thoughts and feelings toward MIss Havisham.
  • Magwitch visits Pip

    Pip learns who his benefactor is after years living in London. He also learns about Magwitch's past and how his reputation as a convict began. This event affected Pip's actions throughout the rest of the story because he put all his effort to keep Magwitch safe. Pip also learned to appreciate the good things he received from his opportunity to live in London.
  • Pip visits Miss Havisham without Estella

    During this event, Miss Havisham realizes the mistake she made of causing Pip pain and sadness. She apologizeds sincerely to Pip and he forgives Miss Havisham. Pip has matured in his ability to accept people for who they are by forgiving Miss Havisham, who had caused conflicts in his life.
  • Joe takes care of Pip

    Joe goes to Pip's house in London in orer to care for Pip while he is sick. This event marks the day Pip's realizes that he misses the close relationship he and Joe had while he was still young. Pip enjoys this time because he is able to reconnect with Joe. After so many years, Joe and Pip go their separate ways as close friends.