Pip's Life

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    Pip's life in great expection

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  • Pip's parents die

    When Pip's parents die, he was given over to his sister as his parent. Being very young, she was not able to give the best parenting. He also lacked a proper education. His parents also affected his life heavily because if he hadn't had dead parents to mourn, he wouldn't have visisted the graveyard and met the stranger. Meeting the stranger changed his life forever because Magwitch gave him all the money to start the chain reaction.
  • Meets Magwitch

    When pip first meets magwitch, he is described as a "fearfull man, full of grey with a great iron of a leg". Pip is tricked into helping him and risks getting caugt stealing. Magwitch remembers this and does not forget his kindness. When he becomes rich, magwitch sends money to pip to help him become a gentlemen when he remember about his daughter who is about estella's age.
  • PIp meets Estella and Havisham

    Pumblechook first takes Pip to meet Estella and Havisham as a playdate for estella. What it really turned out to be was a torture and mental beatdown which made pip want to be with her somehow. Havisham had been training estella to have revenge after what men did to her. Havisham is her revenge against men kind.
  • Pip recieves fortune

    Mr. Jaggers comes up to pip and tells him that he has recieved a great fortune. Pip becomes excited because he thinks Miss havisham has given him money to be with estella. He then becomes cold hearted and obnoxious to everyone else because he thinks that he is better than everyone else. This makes his friendship with Joe and Biddy weaken. He then leaves for london to be a gentlemen.
  • Pip goes back home to see joe, biddy and estella

    Feeling bad that he left town in a bad way, pip returns to make amends. There, he meets havisham and estella. Estella then breaks his heart by flirting with Drummle. He feels sickened and realizes that it might not be that he is to be with estella, even with his new found wealth.
  • The Return of Magwitch

    Magwitch makes a mysterious visit to Pip. He then reveals that he is the mysterious benefactor. Pip's heart then sinks punching the final blow that he is not mean to be with estella. Magwitch tells him that he needs to escape because his former companion, Compeyson, ratted him out. Pip and herbert agree to help him escape even though it could get them killed. This changes Pip's life because he gets to now thank the man who helped him become who is now.
  • PIp forgives estella

    In the alternate ending, pip comes back to the village and Satis house. There, he sees estella, broken by her marriage with Drummle. He forgives her and decides that it was not her fault that she was that cruel. Pip realizes that it was really Compeyson's fault since he caused havisham's pain and havisham made estella what she is now. This shows his maturity and wisdom.