Pierson supranationalism

  • Triple Entente

    Triple Entente
    The Triple Entente was an agreement by France, Britain and Russia. This agreemants purpose was peace between these three countries, meaning they would not attack each other. This is a political/military agreemant.
  • Leage of Nations

    Leage of Nations
    The purpose of the Leage of Nations was to prevent future world wars. Countries that signed the League of Nations were the Soviet Union, Britain, and France. This is a political/military agreement
  • Palestinian Liberation Organization

    Palestinian Liberation Organization
    The Palestinian Liberation Organization's purpose is to push for a Palestinian state. Countries that are involved in PLO are Egypt, Syria, and Iran. This is a political/military and cultural agreement.
  • European Union

    European Union
    The European Union eliminate certain tarrifs between trading partners. Countries in/were in the EU are France, West Germany, and Italy. This is an economic organization.
  • North America Free Trade Agreement

    North America Free Trade Agreement
    This organization's purpose is for economic success in North America. Countries that are in NAFTA are Mexico, The United States, and Canada. This is an economic organization.