Personal/Historical Timeline

  • Sandra Day O'Connor Becomes Supreme Court Justice

    Sandra Day O'Connor Becomes Supreme Court Justice
    The first woman Supreme Court justice was a huge step in American History towards equality for women. She was able to show that women can achieve one of the highest & most reputable
  • Operation Desert Storm

    Operation Desert Storm
    I remember sitting in English class & having a discussion about how our country was at war. This impacted our country and its relationship with many countries in the Middle East. This was one of the shortest wars in our history. It changed the country's perception of war, since the concept of war that most American's had was a "never-ending" war, such as Vietnam.
  • September 11 Terrorist Attacks

    September 11 Terrorist Attacks
    This event changed the culture of our country. It changed how we view the world, and our perception of how others view us. It changed how we travel, how we think, and how we are as Americans.
  • Cavanaugh is Born

    Cavanaugh is Born
    This was when my first child, Cavanaugh was born. His birth changed my life. I became a mother for the first time. I experienced a love for another person that I could not have imagined!
  • My Space was created

    My Space was created
    MySpace was started in 2003. It introduced the world to the new concept of "social networking". Though Facebook & Twitter have since eclipsed MySpace in popularity, it was an important milestone in our history for its impact on how we consider friends! It has changed the way people, especially young people, interact with one another. Social networking has also changed the way companies market to young Americans.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina left a lasting impact on our country in how we prepare for natural disasters. It was the first time I watched the news from something occuring in our country & thought "How can this look like a Third World Country?" Thousands perished, and the area affected by the disaster (Louisiana, Alabama, & Mississippi) are still feeling the effects of the storm. People lost their homes, their livelihoods, and their communities in addition to their sense of identity.
  • Hannah Montana Comes on TV

    Hannah Montana Comes on TV
    Hannah Montana had a huge effect on pop culture. Little girls suddenly were dreaming that they could one day lead a dual life like Hannah. This show would go on for a long time, and would change the face of Disney programming.
  • Started Working at Lake Park

    Started Working at Lake Park
    This is when I started my career at LP. Proud to be a Lancer!
  • Teigen was born

    Teigen was born
    Teigen was named Teigen because Cavanaugh kept calling him baby TD. We thought it would be cool if he could keep calling him that, so we named him Teigen Douglas. Teigen is Irish for Timothy, and Douglas is his dad's name. Note: Cav has never once called him TD since he's been born!!!!
  • Aine Hattie was born

    Aine Hattie was born
    Aine means "joy", and Hattie is my grandmother's name.