Personal & Worldly Timeline

  • my birth

    my birth
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    Personal & Worldly Timeline

    list of big events in my world and the rest of the world.
  • Madrid, Spain train bombing

    Madrid, Spain train bombing
    Group linked to al-Qaida detonated boms abored a packed commuter train. Explosion killed 200 people.
  • First time going to Canada's Wonderland

    First time going to Canada's Wonderland
    I gaind a love of theam park and now I go every year.
  • Dawson college shooting

    Dawson college shooting
    A man named Kimveer Singh Gill attacked Dawson College. He killed him self and 1 femail student.
  • Scooby

    He Is a new member of my family and, he has made my life a bit harder
  • Texas military base attacked

    Texas military base attacked
    a gun man linked to al-Qaida attacked Fort Hood militairy base in Texas. He killed 13 people, injered 30, and shot 100 rounds.
  • Aunt Liz & Uncle Steve's Wedding

    Aunt Liz & Uncle Steve's Wedding
    got a new uncle and cousins, plus I need to remember more names.
  • Going to Camp Olimpia

    Going to Camp Olimpia
    It was my first sleep-away camp. I also made new freinds, like my freind coffe
  • Snowmageddon

    A snowe fall so large, it virtualy shut down Washington, DC