Personal Identity Digital Timeline

  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    I was born on January 17, 2005 and i am a Capricorn. I don't like my birth month because it is very cold and it usually snows. I am a tropical girl who thrives in warm weather. A little fun fact about my family is that my mother and brother were also born in January.
  • First Flight To Ecuador

    First Flight To Ecuador
    This was my first time going to Ecuador by myself. I don't remember much, but remember I stayed at my Grandma's Ranch. I went Horse back riding and helped my uncle feed and care for the animals.
  • First Day Of Pre- School

    First Day Of Pre- School
    Although, I don't remember this age very well, I do remember I made a lot of friends that I have up until this day.
  • My Younger Brother was born

    My Younger Brother was born
    My Younger brother was born a day before my mother's birthday. My parents named him Manny because that was my dad's name. He was a fat baby, weighing almost 10lb.
  • Moved To A House

    Moved To A House
    We moved to a big house on the NorthWest side of Chicago.
  • Cancun vacation

    Cancun vacation
    My family and I take a trip to Cancun every spring break. We always stay at an All-Inclusive Resort that includes all you can eat restaurants and buffets. The beaches are so blue and clean. I swam with dolphins and went on Jet Ski's
  • First Flight Alone To Ecuador

    First Flight Alone To Ecuador
    This was my first time traveling alone. I was petty big already, so I could manage myself. I also love to travel and would do anything, even if it meant I had to go alone. I fell in love the first tie i went, and i wanted to go a second time.
  • I got my first dog Max

    I got my first dog Max
    We found him on Craigslist and we bought him. I remember after we bought him we went to the movie theater's and we put him in my pocket because he was so tiny
  • Mexico trip with cousins

    Mexico trip with cousins
    I went on a trip to Mexico with all of my cousins without any parents. It wasn't my first time raveling without my parents so I wasn't scared. I have 8 cousins including me, so we felt secure because we had each other. We did so many things, like feed my grandpa's cows, go on quad bikes, and we even went to a Quincenera!
  • Started 8th grade

    Started 8th grade
    This year was one of the best years of my middle school career. I made new friends and it was the year before High school. I miss middle School :(
  • My First Concert

    My First Concert
    My First concert was the B96 Jingle Bash. Ever since that concert I fell in love with concerts. I was supposed to go to Billie Eillish's concert, but then the pandemic hit and it was canceled.
  • My Quincenera

    My Quincenera
    I had a small intimate Quincenera. I chose the color pink and Paris as the theme. It was a really fun night with my family and friends.
  • I Went to Universal Studios

    I Went to Universal Studios
    I went to Universal Studio's for the first time with my mom and brother.
  • 8th Grade Graduation

    8th Grade Graduation
    My 8th grade graduation was bittersweet because although I was excited to start high school, I was going to miss my friends and teachers. But I am happy that most of my friends go to the same high school and I do.
  • Started High School

    Started High School
    I am currently a Junior and looking back when I was a Freshman I remember being so scared and nervous. I could sleep the day before. It isn't as bad as I thought and it isn't at all like the movies. It is very stressful and confusing.
  • My First Hoco

    My First Hoco
    I was really excited, but looking back at pictures, I don't like the dress I chose to wear. I Remember it was at the new building and there was confetti machine which was super cool.
  • My Mom's Birthday

    My Mom's Birthday
    My mom's birthday is the day after my brothers. So, we usually have one birthday party for both of them.
  • I started playing Lacrosse for the first time.

    I started playing Lacrosse for the first time.
    I decided to try a new sport my Freshman year because I didn't get into the volleyball team. I ended up liking Lacrosse even though I only got to play for a few months before Covid hit.
  • The Pandemic Started

    The Pandemic Started
    It felt like the pandemic started so long ago. I remember the last ay of school, it was supposed to be just for 2 weeks, but then we never came back. I didn't know the pandemic would have this much impact on my life.
  • Dance Performance

    Dance Performance
    I am in Ballet Folkloric De Chicago and it is a dance organization that teaches traditional Mexican Dances. My mom is also in the program and we have many performances throughout the years.