Personal Growth Timeline

  • Birth [1]

    Born on this this day two weeks earlier than my expected birth date. Was born in Escondido California on a rainy day.
  • Period: to

    Span of Life

  • Prenatal development 0 - 2 years [2]

    Taken home after a few weeks because doctors thought I had Jaundice. Develop very close bond with mother
  • 0-2 years [3]

    Taken to church and christened, introduced to people and church members. Found to be extremely attached to mother.
  • 0-2 years

    First word is Umma, which is mom in Korean [Korean was my first language].
  • 1 year

    Can walk very well at this point and I know more than one word
  • Childhood [early and middle] toddlerhood etc...

    Little sister is born and I watched the whole process at the age of 2 and 1/2. Very traumatizing. At this point I have a very strong attachment to my mother.
  • Toddler Years

    First day of daycare/pre-school. Interaction with other people my age. Can only speak Korean at this point and no understanding of English whatsoever. But after this day my mom finds that I've picked up what English other people have spoken to me that day.
  • Early and middle childhood

    Develop bond with younger sister and instead of being jealous, I give her all of the attention instead of wanting it for myself. I follow rules without question and I think that I know everything
  • Junior highschool / adolescence

    Shopping for first bras, wanting to get purses. It's the maturation era where we kids at this age start hearing the sex talk and about abstinence and what not.
  • Adolescence / Junior High school

    Feeling the need to fit in with other girls. Start buying clothes like other girls', purses, shoes, wanting to get a cell phone.
  • Adolescent / Junior Highschool

    I have a strong interest in reading books and writing about things. Hated math and anything to do with numbers. My mom made me get a tutoring session 2 times a week with a college guy and I remember crying about not wanting to go and screaming. But in the end, the mom wins of course.
  • Highschool

    Puberty is at its worst. There are alot of physical changes and girls are now striving to look perfect. Problems with eating disorders are rampant and on the rise here. I remember counting my calorie intake during mealtimes and excericising like there was no tomorrow during my sophomore year of highschool just so that I could as stick skinny like the other girls were
  • Highschool

    Junior year of highschool was when emotions started to rise and fall like a roller coaster. Everything was a big deal to me. Failing a test or a quiz, people talking about other people, fitting in with other people. I was emotionally unstable and at any tiny problem, I would go into immature fits and bouts of emotion.
  • Highscool

    Senior year was when I started to learn new skills about how to survive in college. Budgeting finances, slugging through english essays, and solving math problems. Teachers were preparing us for the real world which, to us, was 'college'. Our thinking got broader and for the most part, we grew up. For the most part.
  • Early Adulthood

    Age 18, I am in college right now. I'm growing out of that awkward stage of being a teenager. My facial features and my body has become more defined and leaning towards what I will look like later on in the future. I'm still young and active though so less sleep or poor nutirion doesn't do that much to me yet
  • Early Adulthood

    Social/emotional development - I feel like I'll be a bit more withdrawn from society because of my studies and the pressure of handling a career for the first time. My emotional state will probably be a little down and unstable because of stress but as an adult I'll learn how to handle it and press on with life.
  • Early Adulthood

    As far as cognitive skills go now, I'm more oriented towards my career. I can think more abstractly, more open mindedly, and I can handle more stress and burdens.
  • Middle Adulthood

    Gets married and is starting a family. Has two children so far and I'm taking care of them while trying to focus on my career.
  • Middle Adulthood

    I have many relationships. They're with my children, my husband, and with people at work but other than that I don't really make new friends because of my small circle.
  • Middle Adulthood

    I'm not as full of energey as I used to be. My health is going down due to high stress and I'm having cardiovascular problems. I get shocked when I examine myself in the mirror and I find my first few gray hairs and the beginnings of a fine network of wrinkles.
  • Late Adulthood

    I hit my midlife crisis. I'm going back to school to increase my level of education because I'm feeling like my time to do things is running out.
  • Late Adulthood

    I'm gaining weight, my vision is getting worse, I might be getting cataracts, and my joints are getting stiff and rickety. My hearing is also getting worse, and I'm dying my hair alot so that my grey hairs won't show as much,
  • Late Adulthood

    I'm thinking more about giving to the world instead of receiving and getting what I can. I'm on my way to reaching self-actualization but I'm never quite there.
  • Death

    I pass away. I'm buried at a cemetery in San Diego California, and my funeral is small but a lot of my friends and family members attend it.