Penny from heaven

Penny from Heaven by Jennifer L. Holm ~ Amber T.

  • Chapter 1-2

    Chapter 1-2
    Penny's uncle, Dominic, lives in a car on the side of her house. The reason why this is important to this time period is because it's a 1940 Plymouth Roadking which was a nice car for them back then. Credit
  • Chapter 3-4

    Chapter 3-4
    During the summer Penny decided to work at the local butcher shop, her job was to deliver the meat to the people who ordered it. The reason that this connects with history is because in that time meat was very expensive, and many people were to poor to afford it. Credit
  • Chapter 5-6

    Chapter 5-6
    Penny's father and his family were Italian, they sometimes had big feasts with lots of food! The Italian heirtage is known for their "love" for cooking, baking, and eating food. Credit
  • Chapter 7-8

    Chapter 7-8
    Mr.Mulligan is the milk man around Penny's neighborhood. Back when Penny lived milk men where common, they delivered milk daily to the doors of the people who ordered it. Credit
  • Chapter 9-10

    Chapter 9-10
    Penny and her uncle, Dominic, enjoy listining to the Brooklyn Dodgers or Dem Bums on the radio. This relates to their time period because baseball was a major part of their entertainment. Credit
  • Chapter 11-12

    Chapter 11-12
    Veronica is the typical bully that you would see anywhere. She talks behind Penny's back, teases her, and makes fun of her looks. It's not okay to bully, everyone has feelings. Credit
  • Chapter 13-14

    Chapter 13-14
    Frankie's dad lost his job so they can't afford their basic needs such as shelter, clothing, and food. Since this happened, Frankie robbed a church in hopes of helping his familiy. Even though it was important, it's still not okay to steal something from someone else. Credit
  • Chapter 15-16

    Chapter 15-16
    In Penny's time they used an item known as the wringer to clean their clothing. One time when she was washing the clothes she got her arm stuck in it while it was still functioning! This caused her arm to get deformed and injured. We don't have the danger of this anymore since we've developed the washing machine. Credit
  • Chapter 17-18

    Chapter 17-18
    When Penny is the hospital trying to recover from her arm Mr. Mulligan, the milk man, brings the newspaper to her and reads it from front to back. Newspapers were more popular back then, now we have the internet which allows us to share quickly and effiently. Credit
  • Chapter 19-20

    Chapter 19-20
    Penny has always wondered the truth about her fathers death and when she was in the hospital it finally revealed to her the truth. Her father didn't die from a sickness, but over a radio! After World War Two Italians still didn't have the same rights as others in the US did, they couldn't own certain items such as some types of radios. Credit
  • Chapter 21-22

    Chapter 21-22
    In the end Penny finds out most of the answers she was looking for such as her fathers death. But she also realizes that somethings in life were meant to be the way they are... unanswered. Credit