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    Michelle - these are WONDERFUL ideas - and will make a very strong workshop! I think the reason you are having overlap is that the activity "construct fake "classroom scenarios" in pairs (1 be teacher and 1 be student) as well as have them all be "the class" and myself model as the teacher" is activity 3 (this is the independent practice activity!). Your participants needs an opportunity to learn with the tool first - so the modelling activity could be something like having them do a virtua
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    Happy New Year, everyone! I am hearing WONDERFUL things about what a talented and tech-savvy group you are, and what a wonderful job you all did in your first block placements! (It sounds like many of you had an opportunity to do a bit of tech training in those placements, too - which is fantastic!!) I hope you are all having a well-deserved holiday AND a bit of rest!! Just a gentle reminder that you need to submit a draft proposal for your PD Workshop/Learning Object/One-to-One coaching sess
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