Paula`s Life

  • My birth

     My birth
    When I was born, my family was very excited about it .All of them were waiting at the Clinica Valledupar to see me. When I was born and my family saw me everybody began to cry and when I got to my house all of the people were there to give me presents.
  • Period: to

    My life

  • My baptism

    My baptism
    My baptism was in The Concepcion church to recieve the catholic religion. My mother, my father, my godmother, my sister and my brother were with me, and then we went home to eat something with my family. I couldn't stop crying, and my mother gave me something to eat and then I stopped crying.
  • My first two teeth

    My first two teeth
    My first two teeth appeared in my little mouth when I was only ten months old. They made me look as a little funny rabbit when I gave people my best shining smile. I felt them shaking when I ate ice cream or pop corn. They looked like small bubble gum squares.
  • My first trip to Panaca

    My first trip to Panaca
    I visited Panaca in Armenia, Quindio with my grandpa (Conrado). I was so excited to see many animals and feed some of them, such us this little goat, I was three years old, it was my first trip with my grandpa.
  • Recreational days

    Recreational days
    I enjoyed each vacation with my friends and the teachers Carol, Nere, Libia, in a recreational program. We swam in the pool and ate lots of candy and had fun.
  • My first birthday

    My first birthday
    the celebration of my first birthday was super fun for me and for everybody, all my family were together happy with me, my grandpa gave me a beautifull present, it was a beautifull castle of fairy.
  • My first costume

    My first costume
    I wore my first costume when I was one year old. I looked so cute as a kitten. I loved that costume and all the days I put it on everyday. I never wanted to take it off and I even slept and ate with it. I played with my sister and with my brother.
  • My first costume party

    My first costume party
    In my first costume party, as you can see in the picture I was very scared because all it was new for me, it was celebreted at school and at the end I had fun. I dressed up as a cat that was my favorite costume.
  • My first school day

    My first school day
    My first day in Fisher Kids, my sister helped me with my lunch and when she got to me I cried because I didn't want to go to the school, but when I got there I started to play and met many friends.
  • Went I learnt how to swim

    Went I learnt how to swim
    When I learnt how to swim my father used to teach me in the swimming pool of the Club Campestre and I enjoyed a lot to share with my father that special moment because he made me feel so comfident to swim into the water.
  • I learnt skating

    I learnt skating
    I learnt skating when I was five years old, I started classes with my sister. At the beginning I was scared because I was afraid to fall, but after some time I was not afraid, I can skate fast and fearless.
  • I learnt how to ride a bike

    I learnt how to ride  a bike
    I learnt how to ride a bike when I was five years old, my dad came to practice every night, I fell many times but he always helped me to get up, I started with two wheels on the sides to not fall but even so I fell. A few weeks later I asked that they took the wheels from the sides and so it was.
  • When I moved

    When I moved
    I lived in Los Cortijos and I moved to the Novalito in the Conjunto Santa Ana, there is a swimming pool and a park, and there are friends who share. I live with my mom, dad, sister, brother and my dog named Locks. My house is two stories, we have a maid who helps us to clean and helps us to make our breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • I broke my arm

    I broke my arm in a car accident, my brother broke her head and my father had glass in his face and then they took us to Rioacha to put a cast on my arm. My brother had stiches on his head and nothing happened to my mother and my sister.
  • My preschool graduation

    My preschool graduation
    In my preschool graduation I received my diploma for being a good student and all my friends were there and all shared with everybody. I was happy, excited and nervous to end a stage of our lives and to start another one.
  • I got chicken pox

     I got chicken pox
    When I had chicken pox I felt really bad because my sister got it too and because I couldn't go out to play with my friends. Nobody could be near because it is a contagious illness so I had to be alone for two weeks at least. The good thing is that I could eat what I liked most.
  • My grandpa died

    My grandpa died
    When my grandpa (Conrado) died all of us were so so sad because he was the soul of my family. My grandpa Conrado was an excellent person. My grandpa helped everybody and everybody helped my grandpa.
  • My first cruise

    I went in a cruise along the caribbean sea with my father, my mother, my sister, my brother and with a friend. We had a great time, eat much ice cream and was delicious and free. The pool was very big, and there was a climbing wall.
  • My first comunion

    My first comunion
    My first comunion was very nice, I had a crown of flowers on my head and I looked like a bride. I made my first comunion with all my friends and my family were there to me. I made my first comunion with my arm broken and all the people that were there filmed my hand.
  • My first recital

     My first recital
    In my first recital I played the piano and I was very nervous because there were many people in the auditorium, but my parents were so proud and smiled all the time to make me feel confident and at the end it all was perfect.
  • Travelt to Argentina

    Travelt to Argentina
    I travelled with my family to Argentina for two weeks and met the snow and skye with my father, sister and with my brother and my mother take photos and them go to the vineyard and them go to a fabric to wine and go a place that your name was narrow village and eat a delicious waffles.
  • One hundred years to my grandfather

    One hundred years to my grandfather
    My grandfather Fernando is one hundred years old. It is amazing to see him so happy and alive. We celebrated in Pereira in a contry house that had a very cold pool and my sister Luisa and I swam in the pool and played so much.
  • My first convivence with RUAH

    My first convivence with RUAH
    In my first convivence with RUAH was so cool, all my friends were there, we all had fun playing together, played since seven in the morning until 4 p.m., We ate together, shared everything with them, we got wet, we burned in the sun, we ran, we hit, we all spoke together sharing.
  • My best friend

    When it comes to 4A I met Maria Isabel and became best friends, she is a good person is intelligent is friendly loving and always wants the good to others, when she started the school year Maria Isabel and I were not friends because we were getting to know but then she and I started together at recess and so we very good friends.