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Past to Present in my teaching

  • Graduated High School

    Began working at a private school in the Dominican Republic right after graduating high school. I was a para professional and discovered I was a born teacher!
  • Moved back to the United States

    Moved Back to the United States and got married. Started working for the Nashua School District as a substitute teacher and went back to college to finish my undergrad.
  • Got hired full time as a para professional

    Got hired as a paraprofessional at Ledge St School.
  • Got hired at Dr Crisp

    Started at Dr Crisp as a Home School Coordinator.
  • Hired at Fairgrounds Elementary

    Hired as a Family Resource Coordinator, full time at Fairgrounds Elementary.
  • Left My teaching job to stay home

    Left my job and stayed home with my two year old daughter. I tutored and home schooled her for two years.. Then got pregnant with TRIPLETS!!
  • Back to finish masters degree....

    Back to finish my masters' degree and pursue my dreams.. Meanwhile, I have been teaching four little people at home as well.
  • Still here....

    HERE I AM!!!