Pakistan Movement

  • Bahaddur shah II exiled in Rangoon

  • Period: to

    War of Independence

  • Bahadur Shah II dies

  • Sir Syed discovered the plot of Hindus trying to make Hindi official language

  • Sir Syed meets the governer of Benares

  • Queen Victoria becomes the Queen of England

  • Sir Syed rejecting the democracy way

  • Congress formed

  • Sir Syed rejecting the democracy way

  • Sir Syed organizes Mohammedan Anglo_Oruental Defence Association of Upper India

  • Sir Syed prepares a memorandum

  • Hindi given equal status to Urdu

  • Meeting held in Lucknow

  • Lord Minto appointed as the viceroy of India

  • Liberals won in Britian

  • Delegation of Muslim leaders to London

  • Indian councils act was passed

  • Sir John Jenkins invites King of England to India

  • Congress meeting

    the provision of seperate electoratesfor the muslims was attacked and the British were asked to remove such anomalies
  • Period: to

    Congress passed annual resolution

  • King George visits India

  • Period: to

    Session of Muslim league held

  • Period: to

    World War I

  • Muslim league demandind Quaud to urge for self rule

  • Lucknow pact

  • Period: to

    Muslim-Hindu releations flourished

  • Jinnah managed to persuade Congress to meet with Muslim league