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Our Timeline

  • Pappa Rotti Gleem bay

    First time we saw each other
    We didn't talk much but i knew from this moment that i would fall for her
  • Pierro Kafr abdo

    First half Date where we met together with nour.
    I didn't talk much as i remember but i enjoyed everything yasmeen said
  • Family Meeting 1st time

    Family meeting for the first time at yasmeen's house
    I was very nervous and doing nothing but smiling
  • Oak Bay

    Initially we were supposed to go car4 that day, but because of other errands i had to run with my father we changed to oak bay.
    I had an amazing day and it was the first time we ate together.
    I liked the sushi there so much and it also taught me a good lesson that i should never try the wasabi
  • Beanos and the Decisive moment

    the plan was to meet at gleem bay in the beginning but it was super crowded so we went to beanos.
    Had an amazing Blended Spiced Latte in which we both enjoyed so much
    Walked home together where i tried to demonstrate to yasmeen all our future plans/options in a very romantic way.
    yasmeen gave me mixed signs and i was totally confused under the bill board on Abdelhamid el deeb street.
    finally when we reached home she managed to say yes and we agreed "hangib debal"
  • 2nd family meeting

    Our Parents discussed future and financial plans.
  • San View 1st time

    A great Date where we talked about how we actually felt the first time we saw each other
  • San View 2nd time (Creativity fel Sama)

    2nd date at San View (Because why not)
    Sharbna Roman
  • Starbucks at Break time

    Met near yasmeen's office during her break time where we walked and talked while drinking coffee
  • Debal , Lunch & Cinema

    Debal , Lunch & Cinema
    One of the best days of my life.
    Ro7na gebna el debal
    Had a great lunch @ Chilli's
    Enjoyed a really bad movie at the Cinema (Al-garima)
  • Cooking Together for the first time

    Cooking Together for the first time
    Enjoyed Cooking Together for the first time
    Fahita and pasta
    Food was not bad i guess but the activity was one of the best i had in years
  • Oak Bay with Marwa

    first time I met Marwa.
    Enjoyed the night and the sushi despite seeka drama fel 25er
  • Engagement Party Preparations

    Engagement Party Preparations
    Preparing el Kosha with Yasmeen and Marwa.
    Did an amazing job picking up the playlist
  • Engagement Party

    Engagement Party
    Best Day of my life so far
  • Pappa Rotti Casino El Shatby and Cinema

    Pappa Rotti Casino El Shatby and Cinema
    Had an amazing day where we had lunch and went to see Spiderman at the Cinema
  • Brew and Chew Kafr Abdo

    Had an amazing date where we shared a molten cake and talked openly , despite the bad location of our table (under the stairs) still it was a great time
  • Marathon Night

    Gathered at yasmeen's house where we did a bunch of activities
    Created a dating Jar
    Played truth or truth
    Watched Star wars and had pizza
    Was an amazing night and had its great moments and laughter
  • Final Day in Alexandria ,Beanos for the 2nd time

    Unfortunately the best time of my life had to pause and we had agreed to meet at Beanos before our flight.
    Despite the bad vibes we had as usual an amazing time and enjoyed our last walk where we remembered all of previous moments and laughed at each buffalo burger sign
  • Our 1st Valentin's Day

    Our 1st Valentin's Day
    Special Evening where we enjoyed our first Virtual Valentine's Day.
    We started with Food, I ordered from Albaik while yasmeen had her favorite Thai noodles from China house.
    After that there was a surprise gift waiting at the door of yasmeen's apartment.
    Then we watched a cheesy but a good movie called "the Royal Treatment "
    we also enjoyed other wonderful activities such as ( Reading love Letters , 15 questions to fall in love challenge, Scavenger hunt and Time capsule challenge)
  • First Iftar Together

    First Iftar Together
    Started the day by going to Car4 where we did Shopping for clothes and bought 3 amazing shirts from American Eagle (thanks to u 7abybty) , then we went off to Holybelly for Iftar for the first time together.
    The place was so good and we had a great time despite being a bit chilly.
    We ended the day by going to Beanos but we didn't order our famous Spiced Blended Latte (Alhamdlelah !)
  • First Wa2fa together

    First Wa2fa together
    I was supposed to meet you with your parents at 5:00 pm but i came late that day and I didn't have much time to meet your family.
    Manar and Osama arrived at your home and we went off to country Hills were we had our second Iftar together.
    we went after that to the Cinema in car4 where we watched Ahmed 7elmy's movie "Wa7ed tany" the movie was ok and i enjoyed sitting next to you and finishing all of your nachos !!
    PS Sorry i wasn't myself that day.
  • First Home visit

    First Home visit
    Visited our home together for the first time with Yasmeen and her father it was my first visit there and i was so happy to see it with my yasmeen , i kept imagining some of the things that we may do when we live there and it felt so good exploring each room together.
    your dress was amazing and stunning
  • Bopa Spot

    Bopa Spot
    Started the Day we went to Bopa Spot.
    At the beginning we were greeted by a weird lady who she gave us 3aseer 2ol2as and she kept saying bos 3al 7eeta wenta te3raf da eih.
    then we ordered Vanilla Milkshake with Bubble gum bopa and Matcha Milk Tea with Tapioca.
    it was very good and then we asked for Mochi ice cream but the weird lady told us she will bring it as long as no one follows her to the toilet !!
    we had so much fun while sharing the lotus Mochi and we wrote the review on the wall
  • Agora and Abo el A7naf

    Agora and Abo el A7naf
    After we left Bopa Spot we went to Car4 to get yasmeenty the 10 SR gift challenge from Mini sou.
    As if destiny was waiting we met abo el a7naf waiting for us with his grumpy face to be part of our family.
    we bought also broccoli and oats face mask (3ashan Yasmeen 3amla diet ! )
    We went to Agora were we had a lot of fun playing bowling, VR and arcade games.
    We finished the day by going to mcdonald's were we shared a table with a strange family who were kind enough to let us sit with them.
  • Groceries Shopping and Cooking (نسال الله التساهيل)

    Groceries Shopping and Cooking (نسال الله التساهيل)
    We agreed to meet at the start of the day to do the grocery shopping together , we went to Fathallah San Stefano to buy the Recipe Ingredients ,despite that it looks like a simple thing it felt so good to do it with you.
    We went back to Yasmeen's home and we baked the Cake first and then we cooked the Sweet and Sour Chicken with Noodles.
    The Food was amazing especially the noodles , and Yasmeen's parents loved it (I hope so)
    We ended the day by Watching mn agl Zeeko (Super fun movie)
  • First Families Dinner

    First Families Dinner
    The long waited dinner were the families gathered for a dinner together at Balba3.
    the place was so crowded and the road was jammed with traffic.
    We all arrived late but we had a great time together and everyone seemed happy and i kept holding your hands the entire evening.
    after we finished your father dropped us at Beanos but we didn't find any table so we went to Costa at Gleem Bay.
    It was all good and romantic till we were stuck between a very strange and loud family and we had to leave !