Our Life

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    Pip's Life

  • Pip Meets the Convict

    Pip was walking through the marshes when he encountered the convct. The convict then threatened Pip to bring him food and a file, or else he'd do something bad to him. Little did Pip know it, he just talked to the man that would forever change his life.
  • Pip Finds His Fortunes

    Pip gets introduced to a lawyer named Mr. Jaggers at a pub. Mr. Jaggers tells Pip and Joe that Pip will inherit fortunes from a secret benefactor. This is the beginning to Pip's journey of becoming a gentleman.
  • Pip moves to London

    Shortly after Pip finds out he will recieve his fortunes from a unknown benefactor, Mr. Jaggers takes Pip to London. After many goodbyes, Pip and Mr. Jaggers took a four-horse stage coach to London, where Pip meets Herbert and his other companions, and ultimately recieve his fortunes. Pip's journey to London marks the new beginning of his independence from his old family and friends.
  • Pip discovers his benefactor's identity

    Pip is startled by a set of footsteps on the stairs. He discovers that the sound of the footsteps belongs to the convict he met in the marshes years ago. Pip then learns that the convict standing in front up him is his secret benefactor, the person responsible for his riches. This night changes everything Pip thought to be true. Abel Magwtich is his benefactor, not Miss Havisham
  • Magwitch Dies

    Even after Pip's effort to help him escape, Magwitch was seriously hurt and put into prison after his fight with Compeyson. Magwitch spends his final hours in a prison bed before slipping away. Magwitch's death also marks the death of Pip's wealth. Shortly after Magwitch's death, Pip goes into debt, which is paid off by Joe.
  • Pip reunites with Joe

    Shortly after Magwitch's death, Pip becomes sick. While he rests in bed, Joe suprises him with a visit. When Pip got better, him and Joe catch up with eachother. Joe's stay at London ends when Pip discovers him gone one morning, and before he left, Joe paid off all Pip's debt. Joe's visit shows Pip that all he has now is family, since Magwitch is gone.
  • Pip gets together with Estella

    When Pip visits the Satis house, he runs into Estella after years without seeing her. They sat down and caught up with eachother. After some time, they walk out of the ruined place, hand in hand. For years, Pip had liked Estella, only finding that she doesn't feel the same. And now they walked off hand in hand, as if they were meant to be.
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    Timothy's Life

  • First Communion

    This was the day I recieved my first communion. Being catholic, getting my first communion was a huge day because it meant that I am just one step closer to being "part of my church". The fact that I could go up and recieve the bread and wine just like all the other adults made me feel mature and significant during church.
  • My first 600 on the CST

    I was in fourth grade when I got my 600 on the math CST. Thinking back on it, it seems like nothing because fourth grade math is so easy to me right now. But back in that moment, it was such a huge deal to me. A 600 on the CST is a perfect score, which is pretty rare. And knowing that I've gotten a perfect score on an important test gave me a sense of true accomplishment. I realized that I COULD do what I thought was impossible.
  • My First Scrambled Eggs

    I was about 11 when I first made my own scrambled eggs. It sounds a little dumb, but I felt "confident" when I made my own food. I was home alone at the time and I got hungry. My parents were out at a wedding and wouldn't be back for another 2 hours so I made my own scrambled eggs. Being able to make my own food like that made me feel independent, that I could take care of myself.
  • Getting My Fixed-Gear Bike

    I really wanted this type of bike for a long time. It's a track style racing bike. When my brother and I put the bike together, I started riding that thing for miles a day. It was summer and every morning, I got up and rode it around the city for 3-4 miles. During those morning rides, I realized that there really is a bigger world out there, and at some point, I'm going to have to navigate through it on my own just like I did on my morning rides.
  • Got Into Oxford

    I was woken up by a phone call telling me that I was on the waiting list and there was a spot open for me, and of course I said yes. I felt like there was something "magical" about the phone call. The first time I took the entrance exam, I failed it. I took it the second time and failed again, yet some how I was able to get in. My parents constantly said I was going to go to Oxford, and after getting accepted after failing twice made me feel I was bound to go there.
  • Ran Away

    This isn't really running away, I just left without telling my parents. I got into a fight with my dad and didn't want to be near him at the time. I took my bike and rode to my aunt's house without him knowing. When I got to my aunt's house, they told me that my parents were looking everywhere for me, and that they called to see if I was there. It was only for a couple hours, but during those couple hours made me realize that my parents really cared about me, and how important family is.
  • Car Accident

    When I got home from school, I found out my grandpa got in a car accident. He wasn't seriously injured, but his car got completely wrecked. This was our first serious car wreck, and it got me thinking. Just a little faster, and my grandpa could've died. My grandparents are getting pretty old now, and they can easily make one wrong turn while driving, or missing a step and get seriously hurt. Ever since the accident, I've been spending more and more time with them, before its too late.