Origins Of The Internet

  • Cold War Begins

    Tension between the United States and the Soviet Union.
  • Artificial Satellite Launched by Soviet Union

    Fear in the U.S. due to the potential of attacks from the atmosphere.
  • Advanced Research Projects Agency founded

    Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) founded by U.S. Department of Defense for communications to be shared between computers.
  • Joseph Licklider writes "Galactic Network"

    Joseph Licklider writes about a possible sweb of interconnected computers constantly sharing information.
  • First head of IPTO

    Joseph Licklider, author of "Galactic Network," becomes the first head of IPTO.
  • Information Proessing Technologies Office Founded

    IPTO, a computer researching department, is founded.
  • Packet Switching Begins

    A new method using a computer network that shares information over telephone lines is developed by IPTO.
  • First Computer Processor Capable of Packet Switching

    Leonard Kleinrock installs the first computer able to handle packet switched data on a host computer.
  • ARPA Adds More Computers to Network

    Two more computers were added to the ARPANet.
  • Total of Host Computers Rises Past 20

    23 host computers at 15 different places had joined ARPANet.
  • Telenet Begins

    A public version of ARPANet, available in 7 cities in the U.S.
  • "Internetwork" Starts Up

    Researchers at places such as BBN and Stanford discovered a way to link all the networks together--called an "internetwork".
  • ARPANet Joins the Internetwork

    ARPANet was the first to join this network, but other networks were soon to follow. The "internetwork" is nicknamed the "internet".
  • World Wide Web is Invented

    Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web, which allows photos, audio, and video to be displayed on a web page.
  • Mosaic is Invented

    A program invented by Marc Andreesson and Eric Bina with the ability to display images directly on a web page, whereas before they had to be viewed in a separate window. Later in 1993, Mosiac would be become available for free, allowing tens of thousands of people to download it.
  • WAIS Server Invented

    Brewster Kahle invents the Wide Area Information Servers (WAIS). An early "search engine" such as Google or Bing.
  • Mosiac Communications is Formed

    Marc Andreesson and Jim Clark form Mosiac Communications Corporations. Later in the year, it launches a Web browser called Mosiac Netscape.
  • Internet Explorer is Launched

    Microsoft Corporation releases Internet Explorer, a web browser.
  • Web Constantly Expanding

    By 2002, the web contained over 36 million sites, with even more added every day.