Organize Thanksgiving Day

By Vostok
  • Create a folder labeled "Thanksgiving"

    End of OctoberCreate a folder labeled "Thanksgiving" which will house all lists, recipes and papers having to do with turkey day
  • Making a guest list

    • Make a guest list of those you intend to invite (and put it in your Thanksgiving folder) • Gather addresses you don't already have and make/order invitations • Send out invitations by Halloween with an RSVP date of no later than the second week in November (this is important for serving sizes, chairs around the table, etc.)
  • Decoration of the house

    First Week of November. Decorate the house with fall decor (this sets the positive mood for the month and inspires you to organize Thanksgiving with some gusto)
  • Creating a list:

    Second Week of November • Tally the responses from the invitations you sent out and call those that haven't replied (follow up with them to be sure of whether or not they are coming)
    • Develop your menu and gather corresponding recipes (all of which should reside in your Thanksgiving folder).
    • Create your grocery list: use the recipes you gathered, examine the expiration dates on items you already have, and take note of the things you are missing (don't forget spices, condiments, etc.)
  • Organizing of the house

    Third Week of November • Clean/organize the house thoroughly from top to bottom (i.e. vacuum, dust, launder linens, wash windows, purge piles) • Get the inventory list (that you made last week and put in your Thanksgiving folder) and stock up on the items you are missing • Clean out the refrigerator and freezer to adequately accommodate groceries and left overs • Have all family members freshened up with haircuts and new Thanksgiving day outfits if necessary
  • Getting the food shopping list

    Beginning of the Fourth Week of November • Get the food shopping list (which is also in your Thanksgiving folder) and go to the grocery store • Do as much cooking in the beginning of the week as possible (for an easy reheat on Thanksgiving day)
  • Preparing of the turkey

    The Day Before • Gather random items lying around the house and put them in their proper places • Prepare the turkey and all side dishes (so that all you have to do tomorrow is stick them in the oven)
  • Thanksgiving day

    Turkey Day!
    organize thanksgiving • Put the turkey and side dishes in the oven • Set the table • Light fragrant candles (guests love a fresh smelling home) • Relax while you wait for your guests to arrive and enjoy the day's festivities: you CAN organize Thanksgiving day, so thankful!