Occupy Wall Street

  • First General Assembly @ The Bull

    The first NYC meeting to prepare for the Sept. 17th event.
  • First OWS Gathering

    First Day of Occupy Wall Street. An estimated 1,000 people attended Day One. Masses of people walked up and down Wall Street.
  • First Major Arrests

    Police arrest protestors that are wearing masks, using the old law that states that masked gatherings are not allowed unless a masquerade party, etc. is taking place.
  • Liberty Plaza

    Zuccotti Park is renamed Liberty Plaza by the protesters, and they continue action here. Various newspapers, including The New York Times, start to cover the protest.
  • 80 Arrests

    At least 80 arrests were made after protesters begin marching uptown. Several streets are forced to close down.
  • Peaceful March Against Police

    More than 1,000 demonstrators, including representatives of labor organizations,march peacefully to police headquarters to protest the police's response to the protest the previous week. No arrests were reported.
  • Brooklyn Bridge March

    More than 5,000 people march towards the Brooklyn Bridge, and hundreds marched onto it, taking over part of the bridge. Traffic into Brooklyn was stopped by the police for approximately two hours. Over 700 arrests were made.
  • Zombie Walk

    Hundreds of protesters in New York City dress as "corporate zombies" and zombie walk past Wall Street with painted faces.
  • Largest Demonstration

    5,000 to 15,000 union members, students, and the unemployed take park in the largest demonstration yet. Demonstrators march from lower Manhattan's Foley Square to Zuccotti Park.
  • Occupy Wall Street Spreads

    About 5,000 protesters march in Portland, Oregon. Demonstrations are heldin Los Angeles CA, San Francisco CA, Tampa FL, Houston TX, and Austin, TX.
  • OWS in NY and Around the World

    Thousands of protesters march through Manhattan to Times Square to face the U.S. Armed Forces recruiting station. They protest the money being spent on foreign wars instead of on people in the U.S. struggling with no jobs and no health care. Dozens of protests are held in the U.S. and around the world. Most of the protests were peaceful, but many people were arrested across the U.S., mostly for refusing to vacate public property.
  • The President's Support

    President Obama gives support to the protestors. The White House issues a statement saying that Obama is working for the interest of the 99%.