nuclear weapons

By 1039
  • manhattan project

    The project went through and cost $20,000,000,000. During 1945-1990 more than 70,000 war heads were made.
  • little boy

    Hiroshima was bombed by little boy by the U.S.
  • nagasaki

    3days after the bombing oh hiroshima Nagasaki.
  • John R. Horner

    Was a german scientist hired by the U.S. to aid with the V-2 rockett.
  • army needs

    In 1956-1957 army as requested 151,000 nuclear warheads.
  • polaris submarine

    The submarines were used to transport missles safe to get a better accuracy on the soviet union.
  • U.S and USSR

    the US and the USSR have started there own hotline.
  • US and USSR Hotline

    there hotline was modernization agreement.
  • president reagan plans

    president reagan was initated called strategic defense initiative which is nicknamed star wars which was amined to build antimissle defense sheid.
  • An agreement between US and USSR

    the US and USSR signed an agreement to reduce weapons.
  • IAEA

    the International Atomic Energy Agency wants to keep terroist from getting nuked.