Northern Ireland

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  • 500

    St. Patrick

    St. Patrick
    Saint Patrick introduced Christianity to Ireland.
  • Jan 1, 1500

    Split of western Christian church

    Split of western Christian church
    The western Christian Church split during the reformation.
    British became protestants while Irish remained Catholic
  • Jun 2, 1500

    British's Decision

    British's Decision
    In the early 16th century, British decide to conquer Ireland to add to their power, spread Protestantism, protect them from French and Spanish, provides a tidy profit to the British Crown.
  • Period: Jun 2, 1500 to

    British's Plantation system

    Plantation system: Government-sponsored campaigns to “Plant” pioneers loyal to the British Crown.
    Northern Ireland resisted and had their own Ulster Plantation
  • war against British

    war against British
    British defeated a combined Spanish-Ulster(northern part of Ireland) in the battle of Kinsale.
  • Independence

    Irish gained its independence as the Irish Free State, however Northern Ireland remained part of the United Kingdom. Ironically even though they were still part of the UK, Protestants dominate Northern Ireland while Catholics dominate Ireland.
  • Conflict between Irish and British

    Conflict between Irish and British
    Conflict between Northern Ireland was at its peak. An extreme Irish nationalist group called the IRA( Irish Republican Army) rekindled a guerilla war against British institutions killing 3,000 people. Used car as a bomb.
  • Good Friday Agreement

    Good Friday Agreement
    Irish nationalist political group( In English “ We Ourselves”) Sinn Fein negotiated with the British in 1998 signing the “Good Friday Agreement”
  • collapse of goverment of Belfast

    collapse of goverment of Belfast
    Power-sharing government of Belfast(part of Northern Ireland) collapsed and the British retook Control. This caused the conflicts to get worse
  • IRA to end its campaign

    IRA  to end its campaign
    IRA announced that it would resume disarmament and ordered its members to end the armed campaign to overthrow British rule.
  • St. Andrew's agreement

    St. Andrew's agreement
    St. Andrew’s Agreement set out a time table for power sharing between Protestants and Catholics.
  • Election

    Elections for the Representative Assembly were held. Protestants and Chatolics were almost equally distributed.