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    Nicaragua History

  • Independence from Spain.

    All central American countries earned there Independence from Spain.
  • Country invaded by the English

    The English invaded central America.
  • The United States and Great Britain sign the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty without Nicaraguan consent. They are granted access to an inter-oceanic trade route through Nicaraguan territory.

  • Nicaraguan Liberal forces to crush the Conservative opposition hire William Walker. Walker captures Granada.

  • Walker assumes the Nicaraguan presidency and seeks U.S. annexation. As president, his first decree is to sanction slavery in Nicaragua.

  • : Nicaragua protests U.S. intervention and demands reparations for damages incurred in the 1855-armed conflict.

  • The Liberal Party seizes power and names José Santos Zelaya president of Nicaragua. Lewis Hanke, an U.S. agent, intervenes in support of the Conservative cause.

  • U.S. war ships take possession of the Fonseca Gulf.

  • Two U.S. mercenaries are shot with authorization from the Nicaraguan Nationalist government

  • U.S. troops impose a puppet government in Nicaragua. Liberal President, José Santos Zelaya is forced out of office and Adolfo Díaz is made provisional president.

  • Nicaraguan president, Emiliano Chamorro signs the Bryan-Chamorro Treaty with the U.S. administration.

    In exchange for $3 million, the U.S. acquires the right to build a canal across Nicaraguan territory, lease the Great and Little Corn Islands, and establish a naval base in the Gulf of Fonseca. The Bryan-Chamorro Treaty provokes anti-North American sentiment and guerrilla warfare in Nicaragua, and elicits protest from other Central American countries.
  • Ruben Dario (b.1867), Nicaraguan poet, died. Dario, one of Nicaragua's best-known poets, is considered the father of the Modernismo movement.

  • Nicaragua and Costa Rica sign a friendship treaty ending violence at the borders.

  • President Dwight Eisenhower ordered U.S. naval units into the Caribbean after Guatemala and Nicaragua charged Castro with starting uprisings

  • Cuban-American invasion army departed Nicaragua

  • In Nicaragua General Raynoldo Perez Vega, the National Guard Chief, was assassinated.

  • In Nicaragua the Sandinistas led an insurrection against Gen’l. Somoza.

  • ABC News correspondent Bill Stewart was shot to death in Managua, Nicaragua, by a member of President Anastasio Somoza's national guard.

  • A massive nighttime explosion rocked Managua, Nicaragua, and revealed not only a massive weapons cache but also the bunker of an int’l. kidnapping ring that relied on false papers and passports provided by the Sandinistas. Tomas Borge, one of the 9 comman

  • In Nicaragua 6 soldiers were killed and one injured in an ambush in central Matagalpa province.

  • In Nicaragua Arnoldo Aleman began a 5-year term as president.