New zealand map

New zeland's history

  • Jan 1, 1300

    Frirsts arrivants

    Frirsts arrivants
    Some Polynesian people came in New-Zealand about 1300. They were the ancestors of present-day Māori.
  • Abel Janszoon Tasman's discovery

    Abel Janszoon Tasman's discovery
    Abel Janszoon Tasman, a Duch explorator, discovered a part of New-Zeland's western coast .
  • James Cook's visit

    James Cook's visit
    English explorer Captain James Cook inspire other Europeans to explore New Zealand. He want here during his first travel.
  • United Tribes of New Zealand

    United Tribes of New Zealand
    34 northern chiefs signed the declaration of independence by the United Tribes of New Zealand.
  • Treaty of Waitangi

    Treaty of Waitangi
    The Maori sign the Treaty of Waitangi giving control to the British in exchange for protection and guaranteed Maori possession of their lands. But unfortunately the maori begins wars with the europeans.
  • British forces leaved New-Zeland

    British forces leaved New-Zeland
    In 1870, the last of Britich Imperial Forces leaved New-Zeland.
  • Maori's demand for a treaty

    Maori's demand for a treaty
    King Tawhiao visits England with a petition for the Queen, appealing to the Treaty. The queen refuses sign.
  • Women's vote

    Women's vote
    New Zealand becomes the first country to give women the right to vote.
  • Earthquake

    A major earthquake strikes the Hawke's bay region killing 256 people.
  • Independence

    New Zealand gains independence from Great Britain.